Give Your Life To Jesus Let Him Fill Your Soul!

I know I posted this same song a while back, but somehow, it seemed appropriate.  It’s an old song, and might not be the type of song that you’d do your morning aerobics to, but it is an anointed song. nonetheless.  The Lord laid it on me to post it once more for everyone during this difficult time…  Embrace the Holy Spirit  now, and His power…and let Him take control!  Stop trying to do it yourself and let God do it!  Surrender to Him…roll your cares and burdens onto the Father and He will sustain you! Listen to the wisdom sung in this piece, and think about Jesus–nothing but precious Jesus! Let’s listen together and share in His glorious presence, placing all of our trust completely in Him!

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  1. It’s been some time since I heard this song or indeed played it. It is such a wonderful song both in its simplicity and especially its message. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Reblogged this on preachercarter and commented:
    The thing is if you don’t have Jesus you have nothing at all!

  3. Wonderful! Post it again if you must! [?]

    • Thank you preacher carter…. You are welcome to reblog it on your blog if you like 🙂 If you have never done that and are unsure how, I am happy to tell you… This is the second time, actually, I have posted this…I LOVE IT! IT has much meaning to me. God bless you and thank you for your comment! I am glad it blessed you!!!!!!

  4. Love love this! Oh, Jimmy could sing and write such soul-filled songs!

    • Amen! I used to hear that every single morning as a kid….in fact, I think I saw this exact one here…had to have. I got picked on in school as a kid, and in my heart and mind, I would sing this song all day long becuase I dreaded going to school. It brought me comfort. You know he and his wife have a show you can watch online..Frances something…I have the link..hold on Frances and friends. His wife is the main one, but he’s on it too!

      • Lyn, I will “double star” it in my inbox…and be sure to watch it later. I am tied up right now.
        Thank you soooo much for sharing this.

        • Oh that’s wonderful! I hope you like it. That was actually for Jeanne because she came across that she loves Jimmy Swaggart…but hey, you’d like it it’s for you as well since you commented about it! 😉 Check it out when u have time. God bless you!

    • We, especially, need to remain very close to HIM at this time. I don”t…wait, I am changing that, I DO know that I am Loved and no matter what happens either way…I am am peace.

      • You are loved very much by the Lord. I know you’ve heard this many times..but this time, I want you to really ponder it..that’s what I had to do one day.. He really, really loves you and knows you personally…He loves you more than you can even imagine or are capable of knowing how to love… He gets excited when you call Him up on the heavenly phone to talk! He looks forward to you each and every day..and He gets sad and misses you when you are away. For real.

  5. Beautiful….thank you for sharing.


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