Adultery Against God-Has the Passion Died, or Were You Ever In Love To Begin With? (Powerful Video)

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Using the book of Job, we can see that Christians and non-Christians can suffer in this world. However, if we’re really not in love with God, this can make our walk with Him next to impossible in regards to achieving righteousness.  God revealed something to me that could forever change your life, and your relationship with Him..for the best!  This is the key! Please check out this video message and share!

Note: I already uploaded this once, but had to delete it as for some reason, the actual video of this message was never here…it kept displaying other videos of mine. So hopefully, this time it will work!

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  1. Hi Lyn like to know more on what you believe in and scripture text me at 16134491622 please Glenn I was raised in church thanks God Bless

  2. lyn–please tell lisa they may mess with her channel but not with her minions!! we love her
    and pray for her and all of you

  3. By Lyn ,just want to say have you see the un building,tower of 🤔

  4. I just watched your porn video…Lyn, this is extremely courageous of you to share this message. I feel every man/woman needs to hear your testimony on this issue, as it effects so many…and safly within the church, myself included. Thank you for your boldness and obedience in sharing this.

  5. Just watched your YouTube on pornography, well done! What you just did there was beautiful and courageous! Powerful fur His kingdom!

  6. They try to shut you down ! But you won’t go away, cause the message that you speak is the truth, and the way ! Godspeed Lyn!

    • Oh please, a fear porn peddler who predicts more false events than weathermen! I see she just posted another video “Confirmed Mega Quake coming – Praise Jesus” and said mainstream media covered it. First off, mainstream media is pure propaganda but geological experts have been watching the Cascadia and Juan De Fuca faults as there COULD BE activity some time in the next 10-20 years . I find it odd that FEMA people are already up there in numbers and are expecting something. You can’t plan an earthquake unless you use weather weapons or something like a HAARP pulse on the fault line. As for “praise Jesus”…a lot of unsuspecting people are going to lose their lives because many aren’t aware of that fault’s volatility. They talk about it more here in California than up there. I thought Comet Iron was supposed to take us out as well as was your “2014 earthquake prediction”…Jesus doesn’t look favorably upon false prophets who make money off of other people’s fear…that you further incite. All of your followers are going to fall right into the Project Blue Beam trap…just saying, be careful what you wish for. These “crosses of light” are appearing all over the planet and they’re being artificially made as a part of the upcoming Blue Beam deception where a fake (and false…the Antichrist) will descend and address people of all faiths to join together in’s the last great deception and it has been being planned for years..

      • True Christians love another and don’t week to create strife or division in the body of Christ. I don’t see how you have come to this conclusion as I have never heard from Lyn that she is anything more than done reporting on the news or what others share with her. She is a watcher on the wall warning. If people should fear anything it should be the Lord and the coming judgement and wrath about to be poured out. At least the blood others is not on her hands.

  7. I knew a shapeshifter named jim.didnt know 1st year i knew him but all changed 1 day in fresno.i saw him during a hike me and a friend took.he changed back to human form in a blink.we then continued our hike and heard a cow screaming.jason and i climbed up a small cliff and saw s small ship with a cow under it and 2 greys.1 grey was taller then the other.cow couldnt move and was making a sound you dont hear from a cow.then jason and i couldnt move but we could talk.j was so scared.for some reason i was not and told him to calm down.wasnt long we could move and we took off running.j kept running i did not i went back and wad ob ship a lil while.i remember only a lil but they were intruiged why i wasnt afraid.cant answer that but the greys came back to see me many times after that.even as i moved place to place.flew over channel islands with them.i have always pondered all this and have come to feel ok about them as were always kind.i am going to be hypnotized as so much i cant remember but 41 years ago is a time goes on i remember more but want to remember all.i am a god loving person but not religion as taught by man.until i remember more i have always kept this to knows.i dont even think about that much cept lately.dont know why i care that much now even.i saw a comment from a guy who asked if any 1 has seen a shapeshifter and i have.i dont lie.heck i dont even have negative thoughts anymore.i know a lot of things about a lot of stuff.dont know how i know stuff.just do.
    i saw an article by you about some reptiles and such.when jim was human he was quiet and reserved.only saw him a breif moment as a bug man or reptile as i have always called him.

  8. Hi I havery tryed to watch but am afraid it would not play for me 😦 I know you are very bizzy in the great work you are doing but if you could send a copy to me I would love to see thank you 🙂
    Yours sincerely Rob nolan

    • LYN here is you good name is Claire Reese she’s written a book childhood it should not her work with their 13 years on human traffic and here’s another friend of mine I work with over the last 10 years Bob home he’s 1/40,000 youth to the Lord his website is the you can find him on YouTube as well listed below is my website consultant stuck I do a lot with the dance human trafficking and writing a book with John Grisham’s younger brother on traffic keep up the good work

  9. Lyn,
    I have a testimony you MUST HEAR. No one else will tell you what I have seen. No one else will say they are the
    “shim niva” jewish star miracle of THE END OF TIME. I KNOW HOW MANY YEARS WE HAVE LEFT.
    IT WILL ALL align with the world today and it is very real. I have been a born again “jew ” since I was only four years old. I read three adult books on HITLER by the age of five. HITLER is back on a scale WE WILL all witness. Satan is going into his put this year.
    I have been in pain 26 years on drugs, serious drugs until July of this year and then God took me and took control of my speech, my body, four three months. He still speaks to me every day unfolding the truths I can now see and hear with a rate of wisdom I’ve never had before. I don’t want to publicise this yet so please write my email and I will tell you my story. You need to know in advance God wants this made into a movie called THE END OF TIME. I have been a writer since the age of seven. I have been watching your videos and can confirm several are spot on.
    I look forward to speaking with you.
    God bless you in your love for Jesus Christ.

  10. Lyn I don’t know how to get in touch with you…. please email me. I have something I want u to look into.

  11. One word comes to mind… Oxymoron…

    Gay Marriage is synonmous with Jumbo Shrimp, Postal Service or Business Intelligence….except far worse. God calls it an “abomination” and destroyed entire cities because this perverse behavior was rampant and celebrated. It is time to get right with God or start sleeping with one eye open.

    • Ironically, domestic violence rates for lesbians and homosexuals who live together is around 50%! The LAPD’s first openly gay officer was arrested for pulling out his gun and pointing it at his live in boyfriend! Yeah, with Hollywood pushing the LGBT agenda so hard, young kids are cross dressing and being taught about transgender people and human sexuality in KINDERGARTEN when they just want to play with their toys (that only serves the pedophiles)…we are in trouble but the last great deception is going to be against religion. It will be a fake second coming of Jesus and it’s called Project Blue Beam…look it up and don’t believe this false second coming. That will be the Antichrist!

      • I’m not buying into the project blue beam hocus pocus. When the Lord returns for His bride it will be a secret event that will happen in the twinkling of an eye with us meeting Him in the air. When He returns to Earth it will be like the lightning shining from the east to the west. Every eye will see and no earthly technology will be able yo fill the world.

  12. I tried to reply to your e-mail but got a message about certificate problem, I meant what I wrote, you have been an inspiration for me. I read your past history, no woman should have to go through any type of torture like that, my last wife had been married 3 times and all 3 abused her like that. Fortunately I was able to save her from that and we enjoyed 10 years together before she passed away from cancer in 2011, so I know where you’ve been. I hope you now have someone special, physically, in your life who will treat you the right way and love you, you deserve that with all you do for others. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you can call me any time at 662 386 6547 and I will always be here for you. That’s my cell number and I always have it with me.


  13. Hi Lyn, I just wanted to say THANK YOU, I have realized how much watching your videos has helped me with my love for God, and wanted tell you thanks.



  15. Lyn I hope you don’t mind me saying how beautiful you are. Matches your voice too!

  16. He is coming, You can feel it. Jesus is on his way. Many are called few are chosen, make your decision very soon.

  17. Hey Lyn, what is your opinion on GAY MARRIAGE!!!

    • One word comes to mind… Oxymoron…

      Gay Marriage is synonmous with Jumbo Shrimp, Postal Service or Business Intelligence….except far worse. God calls it an “abomination” and destroyed entire cities because this perverse behavior was rampant and celebrated. It is time to get right with God or start sleeping with one eye open.

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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