Are You a Christian? Do You Study Bible Prophecy? Are You a Fanatic?

By Gordon King Hello folks!  I hope and pray that you are all well and under the protection of the Lord.  I pray for vision, truth and enlightenment for all.  Amen I find myself, almost daily, in a situation with… Read More ›

When Crisis Comes

By Greg Laurie Have you been hit with an unexpected crisis? Are you wondering what to do? When Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus, was sick they sent word to Jesus saying “The one you love is sick” (John 11:3 NIV)…. Read More ›

A Prophetic Proverb

Here is something to ponder. Think of recent happenings. Think about who was responsible for taking God from the class rooms. While you are pondering, read below from Proverbs chapter 1, starting at verse 20. Kind of scary, but we… Read More ›


Author: Greg Holt Broken and humble we fall at your feet. We gather together to lift up Your people. To You Lord, to You we pray. Forgive us our sins Lord. Place us in Your hand and never let us… Read More ›