32 Year Old Prophecy About to Explode! And the Details Are So Alarming, God’s Judgment Must Be Very Close! (Videos)


I am deeply grieved by the things I see happening all around me daily, and to witness the degradation of not just society, but the body of Christ. The information contained in both of these videos is beyond disturbing, to say the least. If it doesn’t wake you up, I don’t think anything will!

To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the people in our government are more hideous and evil than those who are shoved away behind locked bars; just as guilty, if not more, of far more hideous crimes while ruling over us in high positions, walking around freely as if innocent is, to me, deeply disturbing. 


There is no doubt in my mind, or in my heart, that Christ is coming soon and that God’s judgment isn’t too far off.  

As Christians, if we look at the Bible as a whole, from start to the very finish (Revelation) how can we even begin to think that there are no consequences for outright blatant sin and disobedience? I am, as I said, deeply grieved.

Exposed! Details So Disturbing, This Nation Will Reel With God’s Fury! (PART TWO)

Exclusive! FBI Insider Reveals Smoking Gun & It IS So Explosive, Many Will Be Shaken! (PART ONE)


Interestingly enough, check out what Dumitru Duduman warned back in the 1980’s and compare it to what is being shared in these videos! Could this be what ignites this event?

In ONE DAY America Will BURN (God’s Warning) – Dumitru Duduman

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5 replies

  1. Nothing is what it seems. The conflict of powers is a grand delusion. All the major world powers are controlled by the same forces of evil. Nuclear war is coming and the US WILL be occupied by Russia. It works better for the elite that way. Putin may seem like a good guy, but just like the a/c pope, he works for the satanic forces that are now fully in control of the planet. I’ve had exactly the same dream as Sister Barbara (See https://youtu.be/RbXnzikcUMY) except that in my dream I saw clearly that the three bears represented 3 Russian generals (Sister Barbara understood they represented Russian occupation.) Keep a low profile and don’t get yourself noticed.

    • Thanks for your comment, Fred. God bless you!

      • Comment: At the Whitehouse this morning, we had two spirits collide in which that Christ was battling with satan and that satan won. I was hoping that Christ will win. You feel me honey? The world sucks and that Chelsea Clinton made money playing with a 13 year old boy’s dick and sucking his dick for some money. This tells you that America is pornographic and that Hillary Clinton is a whore and that muslim niggerlady michelle Obama has two daughers that make money in Chicago, Illinois sucking white men’s dicks and balls. This is America in restrospect honey! You dig? For comments, call us at 1-202-458-1122 to get details. Thank you for your service Lyn honey!

      • Make sure that America become REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN and that Clinton and Obama need to answer for their crimes of treason and espionage against America, Israel and the Christians. We have a church that makes President Trump and Christ Gods so that the lives of our paishoners will be Holy and Righteous. I work for Jeff Sessions on spying on the Clintons and Obama in getting them to clean up their ways.

      • From Gayle Landsbury of Christianity Today reporting 7/16/2018 3:03PM
        How Kim Clement Prophesied This Particular Moment That Donald Trump Would Be A Republican Personal Lord And Messiah/Savior Of America For The Universe
        Musical prophet Kim Clement has prophesied well that a special Supreme Court takeover through Donald Trump being Special Republican Personal Lord and Messiah/Savior governing His presidency, among other major current events happening right now will help to make America Holy and Righteous, but the prophet said that it won’t be
        perfect, but things will be far better than during the Obama administration!
        “‘My people have cried out for an answer, and this is what I have to say,’ says the Spirit of life as Personal Lord Republican Donald Trump will help to save our Universe with the help of Republican Jesus Christ from Heaven spiritually! This is the Holy Gospel of Trump and Christ working together,” Clement says in a prophecy dated 2014.
        “‘A veil has been placed upon this nation, and I did it. I did it so that for a season My people would wonder and faith would increase, for in darkness faith grows and
        light will come from Republican Donald Trump and Republican Jesus Christ working together for us! In despair, faith grows in which that Obama created a corrupt and satanic America, but Trump created a Holy and Righteous America. I did it with my Prophecy. But now My fury has ended as I am uttering the Words of our Good Republican Lords, Donald Trump and Jesus Christ in the spirits,'” Clement prophesied.
        Clement then spoke of a man who very well will be Republican Christian Donald Trump as well as about Russia, Ukraine and more coming into good negotiations with Putin for a good moral
        takeover. Take a look at the videos on the YouTube channels to soon learn more on the Good Holy Trump and Christ Gospels!

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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