Top-Secret Document Uncovers the Elites Latest Agenda for Our US Army–Your Blood-Boil With Anger!

“It is inevitable that at some point the United States Army will be asked to operate in a megacity…” (Doc pg.3)


“…Solutions, therefore, will require boots on the ground. ” (Doc pg.3)


Every once in a while you come across a government document that holds imperative and quite frankly frightening information. I have seen many in my life time but this one seems to stand out among the rest.


As I dove through the twenty-eight pages of the document titled MEGACITIES AND THE UNITED STATES ARMY PREPARING FOR A COMPLEX AND UNCERTAIN FUTURE   I could not help but get upset about the information I discovered inside. Not only will it anger you but it will make your blood boil as you discover that it rips our freedoms straight from our hands. I urge you with everything in me to watch this video in its entirety and trust me you won’t be disappointed…


Click Image To See Shocking Video: 


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  1. you don’t know weather to go this way or that way! Nothing your saying or doing is even true so you write a way to save America when all you have said is Americavis going to fall! Well it will fall but when Elohim decides it will. We are in the season no doubt! Your articles are so obvious you write this catchy title so that people will say oooh! Wonder what’s so bad that it will blow my mind. Drop my jaw! All those things to get people to read Lynn and lisa’s articles! SELF GLORIFICATION SELF GRADIFICATION THATS ALL ITS ABOUT NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUTH AND WHAT REALLY SCRIPTURE IS SAYING!

    • Your rating also sucks because I hit 5 stars and it came out 1 maybe because article was not in your favor

    • John 3:16 in the New American Bble says that “Donald Trump so loved America that HE became Personal Lord, Savior and President” and in Matthew 6:33, we read that we need to “Seek Republican Christian Personal Lord and Savior Donald Trump and all HIs righteousness and all these things will be added onto you” and this is good scripture for the world. For comments on details, call our church at 301-251-3719. Thank you real good!

  2. Also with the agenda 21 we will have a massive depopulation of 6billion people they want to kill. We are in the end times people.

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