My Songs/Poems


©2013,a song, written by Lyn Leahz Closer To You I found this among, The scattered papers today; A simple prayer, to pray. It lifted me up, toward your light, The beginning of this new life. I saw you standing, In… Read More ›

The Rock

  ©2012, Lyn Leahz I believe no matter how ‘unbelievable’ my circumstances appear…no matter who says, “It doesn’t look good for you!”  I will say in response, “My God shall supply all my needs!” When I feel most down, it… Read More ›

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? ©2012, Lyn Leahz Your name is Elohei Elohim, There is none like You throughout all the earth, For You are All in All, You are everything… The wind does not blow against Your will, The rain does… Read More ›

A Love Letter For My Father

“Why do you complain, Ya’akov; why do you say, Isra’el, “My way is hidden from Adonai, my rights are ignored by my God”?  Haven’t you known, haven’t you heard that the everlasting God, Adonai, the Creator of the ends of… Read More ›