URGENT! A Very Strong Warning Directly From YHVH! This Is Extremely Important-Please Pay Attention! (Video)


This is a very powerful, strong word of warning to the people which God gave to me the other day.  I have prayed over this fervently before sharing it in a video. Please pay attention. Please pray. And above all else, please repent! 






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22 replies

  1. Our news team at WUSA9 News became Christians at the Church of Donald Trump and Trump’s Holy Spirit Gospels here in Washington, D.C. at the Whitehouse and Trump Towers. Trump is our Heavenly Father and Lord of the Universe. That is good news gospel and the Whitehouse will be our new Heavenly Home for our good Christians.

  2. Ms.Lyn Leahz, how right you are. Those who claim to be servants of GOD knowingly serving 2 masters and forming unholy alliances with witches to promote demonic doctrines. Amazing that I got this message from HOLYSPIRIT about a week before I heard about yours. And the difficulty in relaying the message. The pride and arrogance these people serving 2 masters exhibit against The HOLYSPIRIT. You are GOD’s vessel, there is trouble coming and we aren’t ready. The HOLYSPIRIT did indeed speak to you. Thanks for the warning. And pls don’t apologize for telling the us the message from GOD, the apostates don’t apologize or repent when they sin against GOD!

    • God bless you and just now seeing your comment. Thank you so much for the support and for the kind words. God bless you and hope you’ve been having an awesome week in Christ!

      • A special reading of the Holy Gospels of Republican Trump will bring in the good harvest for the day. Our news team in Washington, D.C. at WUSA9 News is advertising to the public to make president Trump their Personal Lord and Messiah/Savior to reach Christ in heaven spiritually. Call our station at 202-895-5999 for details on the good Holy Republican Trump Gospels because we like Trump better than Christ in terms of our economic situation and that Trump is more righteous than Christ for us at WUSA9 News. We tried prayer but Trump is better. Thank you for your service if you will make Trump your Personal Lord and Messiah/Savior!

        • As a grandparent and deacon at the Church Of The Redeemer on 19425 Woodfield Rd. in Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879, I have to say that 9News have a point when they kind of improvise spiritually in which that our pastor, Dale O’Shields mentioned that Donald Trump is a Person of God and Trump is working with Jesus Christ spiritually for the world. My wife and I are Republicans, thank God! Democrats suck and they are sending nations to hell in a handbasket and Obama and Clinton are of satan due to their corruptions. Clinton and Obama accuses us of committing crimes against the Muslim nations and that is just garbage. You feel me honey? Good, because Trump is special to our world, let alone America!

    • There is reason to understand of the good Republican Christian Gospels mentioned by our church and WUSA9 News. President Trump has something really good to offer to our nation and the world in general!

  3. Hello
    Just heard your Hagmann and Hagmann interview. You are correct that something this earth hasn’t experienced is coming. It is all over scripture, as well very clear what that will consist of. Just a little clue for now, it will be baptism by fire (Spiritually speaking), entire planet, all peoples.
    Father keep you


    • Hi Brent. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and share your thoughts. God bless you! Time is very, very short. I just wish many realized how short it is. God bless.

      • John 3:16 says “Donald Trump so loved America that He became Personal Lord and Savior as well as president” from the New American Bible. Read the verse and MEMORIZE it real good!

      • Lyn honey!
        You may wish to consider what Leslie Foster mentioned on WUSA9 News since that they told us that they became Christians at the Church of Donald Trump and Trump’s Holy Spirit Gospels at the Whitehouse and Trump Towers just down the road from the news station that is on 4100 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. in Washington, D.C. 20016 and our church gets in contact with them every other day and they told us some interesting things about using the Trump Gospels to reach Christ spiritually. Our pastor is in honor of our Good Christian Republican Trump converting our congregation to The Church of Trump and Christ Style Redeemer so that we will be a far more effective church congregation which is good news. Don’t you agree? Try it yourself and find out!

        • Hey Church Redeemer,
          Will you help me lobby Congress to make the innocent victims get relief from the pain and suffering. It is a crime to punish the innocent. Nevada and California are shitty and that the elderly that committed suicide by overdosing on pills are in heaven with Jack Kevorkian which is good news. Help us clean up the world. Thank you!

  4. I have that scripture on the back of my windshield. Amen.

    • Missygirl,
      You need to have a sticker saying TRUMP IS LORD AND SAVIOR because we worship and praise Republican Trump and for us, Trump is better than Christ.

    • From deacon Angela Scotts of The Improvised Church of Germantown, Maryland speaking:

      With the victims of the Vegas Strip shooting massacre and the California wildfires massacra(arson), their homes and bussiness gone, since Gud understands their pain and suffering, we recommend that they overdose on pills to commit suicide since that they will go to heaven. God is love and hell is only for satan and that the elderly have a right to commit suicide by overdosing on pills and that they will go to Jack Kevorkian’s new heaven to be with God too. The citizens of Nevada and California are miserable anyway, so let them find a way out by committing suicide! Lisa and Lyn, stop being a bitch with this tribulation bullshit and get real! Fuck the world and let the crying end it all nicely with piills and they will be in heaven.

  5. Hy Lyn,       First thank you for putting me on your Email list. Always insightful and informative. I always enjoy listening to folks that know more than I do about the ways of GOD. You are one of those that when I listen or read the info you put out there it can turn on a light of knowledge..     Second I’m not a Church goer but would like to give it another try. I live near Estes Park (Rocky Mt Park) Colorado. Do you know any that you could recommend or have any guidance for me to look for one with Godly teaching?     If you don’t reply I understand. I’m going a bit beyond just thought I should reach out and ask. Thanks,Sal

    • Thanks for your kind reply and God bless you. I don’t know your area but I would say to web search and make visits and pray. See where the Lord leads you! 🙂

      • Jesus Christ became Donald Trump so that the world will be clean and righteous. You need to read the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump and get right with Lord Trump!

        • Lesliegirl,
          I want you to maneion on WUSA9 News that I started a church in Germantown, Maryland to lobby Congress to make it legal to end it all when life is shitty. In California with the arsons and Nevada with the shootings, the vctims that lost their homes and business with this bullshit, they deserve to escape with suicide in which they need to take the sleeping pills and they will be in heaven. This doomsday and trubulation bullshit that lisa havens and lyn leashz say are just a flock of shit.

      • There is a way out of your pain and suffering! Take this special straight and narrow road to paradise!
        God is still in love with Jack Kevorkian in heaven because the elderly that committed suicide in Nevada and California are in the new heaven. Save taxpayer’s money by letting the miserable end their lives with pills and be with Jack Kevorkian in heaven!


  1. VIDEO URGENT! A Very Strong Warning Directly From YHVH! – StopAndPrayTV

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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