One of the Most Baffling End Times Villains Has Been Identified & You Won’t Believe Who It Is! (Video)

For many years, scholars have attempted to figure out the identity of this cold-blooded killer to no avail. Finally, after much experience and research, one man has put the pieces of the puzzle together, linking Bible prophecy with many other events that have “and are” taking place! You will never believe what he has discovered!

One of the Most Baffling End Times Villains Has Been Identified & You Won’t Believe Who It Is!


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  1. i have this printed out and taped to the back window of my p/u. i have been praying for a long time for our people to come to the Lord or come back to the Lord

    • Our church is in the process of getting Congress and the Deep State to boycott the so-called “heaven and hell” doctrines and to get the world to live live as they always lived since that the elderly that commit suicide during the tribulation will go to a world better than this. God does not hate by sending ptople to hell at all. He is love in which that God will understand and keep things positive. We are making Lyn Leahz and the other doomsday organizations change their doctrines by conforming to what we believe. The only heaven and hell are what is on this earth. If the elderly commit suicide during the tribulation, that is good because God understands their pain. Don’t believe this endtime prophecy bullshit! Just live life as you always live and God will bring forth good fortune. Any questions, call our church at 301-869-1780 for details. Lyn Leahz and Lisa Haven are just making the world piss their pants and they need to learn that God never hates. He always loves the people on earth. You feel me? Good, because the earth will be around for some billion years to come. The Government will clean things up and we have a good Christian Republican president which is Trump that is a good person that cares for our world. Thank you for your service!

    • Will you help me lobby Conress to make it legal to commit suicide by overdosing on pills since that the elderly that did it will be in Jack Kevorkian’s new heaven? The victims that lost their homes and businesses in California and Nevada need to save taxpayer’s money by committing suicide since they are miserable anyway and that Jack Kevorkian has plenty of sleeping pills and heaven for them and that is goodnewss. There is a way out of their pain and suffering! Tell lisa haven and lyn leahz that they need to mention that Jack Kevorkian’s sleeping pills and his heaven are good since that California and Nevada are quite shitty anyway!

    • Make President Trump your Personal Lord so Christ will work better for the world!

      • Our sermon today was on Billy Graham being Personal Lord and Savior and is now the RISEN SAVIOR in Heaven to be with Christ and Jehovah and that Donald Trump is our Personal Lord and Savior working spiritually with Christ and Jehovah in Heaven. The New American Bible reads of this here:
        John 3:16–“DONALD TRUMP SO LOVED AMERICA THAT HE BECAME LORD AND PRESIDENT” and in Luke 28:19, we read “For Jesus Christ made President Donald Trump Personal Lord in Washington, D.C. so that America will be the New Heaven on earth and live forever”!
        Be sure to read and especially MEMORIZE these important scripture verses. They will save your soul and make you Christian!

        • Our church along with other churches in the Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, Germantown and Rockville, Maryland areas are planning another insurrection and across the US in every major city in which that we plan to with the help of our militia, forcing Congress to bring back Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Kayleigh Mcenany so that they will run our country. We also plan to attack any corrupt satanic democrats that try to stop us and our militia are our lawyers, putting things in context. We plan to rumble and this will make the Jan. 6th a cartoon character, if you know what I mean. We plan your spring and summer a long, hot and wild season which is our plan. If you want to join us, we welcome you as long as our Proudboys get revenge against corrupt biden, harris and Psaki. Thank you!


  1. VIDEO One of the Most Baffling End Times Villains Has Been Identified – Damascus Destroyed, World War III Is Knocking | Reclaim Our Republic

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