Alert! Global Cabal is Funding This “Religious Group” Through the Food You Eat! Warning! Reading This Will Put a Target on Your Back…

Have you ever heard of the term Halal on your food products? If you haven’t now is the time to get fully acquainted with the word. Halal is an Islamic term that simply means permitted or lawful. So when we are talking about halal foods it means any foods that are allowed to be eaten according to Islamic Sharia Law. Foods that are forbidden according to Sharia Law are: anything with blood, alcohol, pork, meat or any product from a forbidden animal (pigs, carnivorous animals, or birds of prey) and meat or products of animals which have not been slaughtered in the correct manner in the name of Allah. Wow sounds like something I want to support….um…NOT!!  

Because of these bogus Sharia Law regulations Muslims and Halal certifiers have begun pressuring companies around the world to become Halal compliant to guarantee them that none of the food has any ‘forbidden’ components. While this process may sound similar to Kosher products, it’s FAR, FAR From it…

There is real hidden agenda behind this Halal Certification and trust me it’s not about the food!! In the video below I dive into the truth behind this certification and just who it is that this organization supports. I also reveal some of the American Corporations who are openly supporting this fraud… Trust me it’s well worth your time…


Click Image to see stunning video: 



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  1. Good job, Lisa! Christians need to understand that halal meat is sacrificed in the name of a foreign god that is not the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Allah, although used by many as saying “God,” is NOT the God who created all things as written in the Bible. Allah is NOT the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is simply a sin to eat halal. The exception would be if it is offered to you to eat, one is not to question how it was killed. Accept the generosity. Just don’t go out looking to eat halal.

  2. Only eat food that is clean. They are fens and scales cloven hoof and ruminant. All kinds of birds but you need to look that up. And Jesus did not come down to change unclean to clean. Just saying .God bless you Lyn. Ps this commit is not for Lyn Leahz

  3. Hello,

    I haven’t been getting your emails in my inbox…this was the last one……

  4. Would this be food sacrificed to idols? Do you want seconds, you can have mine

    • Exactly!! I don’t want to eat food sacrificed to idols!

      • You know the bastards are the Jews. I don’t know about halal, but Jews kill animals by slitting their throats. They are the ones that put humans into the meat and this makes sense, because they ow all the big meat processing plants in the USA.

        • bill frampton the blasphemus. Satan supporter, interpreter of the Bible any way he wants.Bottom line if the lord saw fit to strike you down, you would not have a millionth of a second to repent or pray for forgivenness. Enjoy the lake of fire for enternity fallen angel.

          • America’s Good Republican Christian President Donald Trump and Israel’s Republican Christian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both have made America and Israel good friends and that is what the Bible says to do. In order to become a Christian, you have to become a Republican in which is proven true around the world.

      • Lisa honey! Be sure to get baptized in the Good Holy Gospels of Republican George Bush and Republican Donald Trump so that Republican Jesus Christ will put His spirit in you from Heaven better. Contact me at 1-888-784-3724 for details on how to do so. Thank you!

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