PROOF! There’s a CURE For AIDS: Who the Inventor is, WHY He is Remaining Silent, and His Mind-Boggling Background! TRUST Me You WANT To Hear This…

HIV / AIDS was supposedly started in Africa in the late 1970′s, when a small infected Green Monkey, sunk its teeth into a local native. From such ‘humble beginnings’ sprung up a deadly virus causing the massive onslaught we see today….. or so they claim….

Though that may be the claim by the elite I beg to question its validity. Considering AIDS kills millions of people per year could this be part of the elites global agenda to depopulate the earth?  Many conspiracy theorists seem to think so.

document published in 1964 outlines scientific experimental work on the AIDS / HIV virus. Considering this work was done in 1964 and the spread of the virus didn’t happen until 1970, could it be possible that this is part of the elites concocted agenda to depopulate the earth?

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  1. Leah it says your link isnt up anymore.

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