HUGE News! Scientists Discover a Brand New Ocean!! And Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor When You Find Out Where!

If the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and the recent addition of the South Antarctic Ocean weren’t enough for you, how about adding another? One that is hidden hundreds of miles beneath out planet’s surface…


A recent study reveals that a hidden “ocean” lies in the Earth’s mantle some 400 miles beneath North America. This reservoir  contains blue crystalline mineral called ringwoodite and likely holds three times as much water than all the oceans combined.


This breakthrough could explain how subterranean water affects the shifting of rocks in Earth’s outer crust—- a phenomenon known as plate tectonics…


Click Image to See Stunning Video: 




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  1. Of course, the world history which was recorded 4000 years ago explained that that was the major source of a global flood. Of course, many reject this notion for just one reason: That history was made a part of a collection of documents now called “the Bible.”

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  3. It’s roughly 3,958 miles to the center of the earth from the surface. 400 miles down still seems like a long way… we still have little idea what’s really down there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big ocean down there.

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