Inca City has Scientist Baffled: Findings Unveil Workings of Nephilim…

The Incas were one of the largest civilizations in the Americas prior to the conquest of the Spanish and they were most known for their talent in master stone masonry. However what leaves many archeologist puzzled is the fact that their tools—bronze chisels and stone hammers—were unable to cut into the material found in their city at Cusco Peru.


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  1. Foerster & Marzulli on Paracas (RedIce 3-24)

    Part of nephilim architectures (pyramids / burial mounds) worldwide…
    – likely dispersed along ocean trade routes (B. Foerster … Thor Heyrerdahl)
    – well covered on “”
    – map loads a bit slow…. “”
    – shows how the Nazca & Palpa lines are an enormous global navigation map
    I believe modern maritime maps are similar including nav data
    – seems that the pre-inca’s used the local mountains and plains as a map
    – possibly with khipu code data where line crossing indicate knots (numbers / codes)

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