Mystery Unveiled: TIME TRAVEL IS Possible! PROVEN In the Bible–Intensely Mind-Blowing and Utterly Fascinating! (Stunning Videos)

jesus universe

The Paradox of Time–Time does not exist. The past is gone, it will never be back. The future does not exist either…it’s not here yet. And the present does not exist because you can’t divide time into thin enough slices to isolate the present. So it is fair to say that the past does not exist. The present does not exist. And the future does not exist. And yet, they all do exist, and they are all a product of God’s creative thinking.


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  1. Hi Lyn,

    Fascinating stuff you have here. About “time”, you may like this:

    I also noticed that you have speculated about the pre-Adamic world. I have written about that as well from a purely Biblical point of view on my blog and would be happy to share that with you.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Be Blessed and a Blessing,


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