This Six Minute Video Is Guaranteed To Change Your Eating Habits Forever!

La surconsommation from Lasurconsommation on Vimeo.


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  1. Okay. I saw a very efficient Chinese chicken, pig, and cattle processing plants. All were very clean operations also. Why are you so horrified? To feed the huge population of the world backyard methods don’t work. I guess i’m supposed to make a change to being a vegan after viewing this. Nope. I’m still going to enjoy my steaks, chicken, and even an occasional piece of pork. To those of you who live in the city, this is what happens to get those juicy plastic wrapped meats to your local grocery store. If this type of video makes you want to change your diet, then you’ll probably starve during the winter if your local store closes up due to a natural or man made disaster. With domestic animals around you’ll always have a source of protein to tide you through rough times. Obviously this video was made to encourage membership in PETA of which their numbers are dropping.

    • No John. I did not get the same thing out of this that you did. I am not a vegetarian either. It was to show, basically, animal cruelty in certain environments, but also, to show just how much people over eat. However, mostly, it was showing animal cruelty. I think there are ways to kill an animal for food and produce things without being unnecessarily cruel to it in the process. God bless.

  2. Very eye opening, what we feed our bodies can kill us. While we have corrupted our food supply and are destroying our bodies imagine on a spiritual level, what our souls must be like from consuming that which is of the world. . Thanks for posting, God Bless ya.

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    This is horrible…

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