UPDATE: Citizens from 20 states have filed to secede from the United States–The numbers have gone up!

UPDATE:  The Texas petition is the first to achieve the needed 25,000 signature mark at approximately 2:35 pm. CST today.  Details available in this article.

The results from the 2012 Presidential Election are less than one week old and as of the evening of Sunday, November 11, petitions from citizens in 20 states have been filed with the Obama administration  requesting withdrawal from the United States of America in order for the States to create their own governments.

While many in Texas have been outspoken about seceding from the Union for years, in the aftermath of the recent election the first push for secession began in Louisiana and has quickly spread to states including New Jersey and Michigan

The U.S. government allows one month from the date the petition is submitted to WhiteHouse.gov to obtain 25,000 signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request.

The likelihood of the current administration to even entertain the idea of allowing states to secede is almost non-existent.  What is sobering to realize though is that in less than 48-hours there have been tens of thousands of people who have quickly rallied behind this very grassroots approach to request change, autonomy, and a small measure of freedom.

As of the evening of Sunday, November 11, here are the current links and numbers of petition signers for each of the 20 states (each petition needs 25,000 signatures within 30-days to be considered by the government):

There is a strong chance that if the mainstream media picks up on this “everyman” movement, they will likely ridicule it as the actions of a bunch of radicals.  What strikes a chord though is that there is a strong segment of the American population that feels that their voices are not being heard and for far too long special interest groups have dictated the direction the country is headed.

The author of the Louisiana petition, “Michael E” submitted his request utilizing excerpts from the Declaration of Independence.

In Texas, “Micah H” states in his petition, “The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending.”  He went on to add that Texas “maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world,” making it “practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union.”

Will these petitions secure the needed 25,000 signatures?  Consider this – Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana each received more than 100 signatures in the time it took this article to be written.

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6 replies

  1. This is very , very important….the lack of it is why we are where we are today.

  2. The trick to this is for all to move to Texas…..the we could have a good number


    • I don’t know, Alex. I’m sorry. I don’t see that written anywhere here to see what it was talking about. Maybe he had a vision of what is going on now..and I’m sure since he was an advocate against prejudice and discrimmination, he meant it in a good way… in other words, at the time he was around, there was still discrimmination in the southern part of the USA… segregation. At the time, blacks were being treated differently. So I think it was just a vision of his that someday, blacks would hold high positions in government offices..that equality would prevail. Personally, I don’t care if someone is white, black, or even purple or pink, as far as that goes… as long as they are a good leader and have godly principles is what is important. Color should never, ever be a determining factor in any aspect of life… whether pro or against an office or position.

    • The saddest thing of all, is back in the earlier days when there was slavery here in the USA..the slaves that were sold to the US were sold to the USA by blacks. So the blacks sold their own people as slaves to the slave traders in the USA. This was, of course, before the Civil War.

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