PLEASE PRAY & MOBILIZE YOUR FRIENDS TO PRAY FOR ISRAEL: More than 80 rocket attacks in 24 hours

Terrorists in Gaza have escalated their war against Israel. In the last 24 hours, more than 80 rockets, missiles and mortars have been fired from Gaza at civilian population centers in southern Israel. Israeli schools in the south have all been closed. Residents are being told to stay in or near their bomb shelters. “Hamas’s armed wing, the Al-Qassam brigades, took responsibility Wednesday for both a barrage of rockets unleashed against Israel since Tuesday night and the bomb that critically injured an IDF officer along the Gaza border on Tuesday,” reported the Jerusalem Post. “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) took responsibility for the Gaza border bomb.”

  • Please pray and please mobilize your friends to pray for Israel.
  • Please pray for the one million Israelis that are leaving in fear of rocket attacks.
  • Please pray for peace and security to be reestablished.
  • Please pray for Israeli leaders to have wisdom to know how best to handle the situation.
  • Please pray for innocent Palestinians living in Gaza to be safe from IDF efforts to stop the terrorists.
  • Please pray for God to bring those responsible for this terror to justice.
  • Please pray for the believers in the epicenter to be able to love their neighbors, comfort and encourage them, and provide practical assistance, including humanitarian relief.
  • Please also pray for The Joshua Fund team to have wisdom to know how best to help.

Thanks so much.



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3 replies

  1. Israel is constantly on my mind and I’ve been praying for them for a while and will encourage others to do the same….Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  2. I will pray for Israel, and encourage others to do so. Thank you for your continued work on the behalf of God’s chosen people.

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    Please pray for Israel.

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