Researchers Crack One of the Most Baffling Prophetic Mysteries Ever – Absolutely Amazing! (Exclusive Video)

Researchers Crack Ancient Code, Revealing Identity of Mystery Babylon! The BIG question for many years has been, “Who is Mystery Babylon, the great harlot?” Some people believe ‘Mystery Babylon’ is Rome, while other’s believe it is the Islamic Empire.  Yet,… Read More ›

Spiritual Reflections

Might God Be Speaking To You? Oftentimes, the trials in our own lives are a direct reflection of something God is trying to tell us spiritually. Here is an example:  Does it seem all of your time is being consumed with things you… Read More ›

Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel To Delay The War With Iran Until After The Election?

– By Michael Surwin – http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/did-obama-just-make-a-deal-with-israel-to-delay-the-war-with-iran-until-after-the-election Barack Obama cares about Barack Obama far more than he does about either Israel or Iran.  And as far as Barack Obama is concerned, delaying the coming war between Israel and Iran until after… Read More ›