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  1. Must watch n youtube-Marriage Supper of the Lamb by Susan Davis words from God. Rev. 19:9. Also watch Dr. Patricia Green about coming destruction to earth. Thank you.

  2. Mirror man this woman shouldn’t have to put up with your bad attitude.May God forgive you when you repent and turn around and pray.

  3. Everyone is watching the president, looking for the antichrist, but when Obama leaves the white house, where will he go? Maybe that’s what we should be watching, where Obama will go next. He still looks like the antichrist to me. Love your videos!

  4. I watched your YouTube video exploring the face of Jesus. I am curious if you have any thoughts about heaven? I have only come to this awareness within recent months, and I can tell you I was devastated. I am still learning to transform my years of indoctrination. Thank you.

  5. The promise of God is to take us back to the land that he swore to our ancestors the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob we are Ephraim we aren’t we represent the nine and a half tribes Ezekiel 37 talks about two candlesticks write one name Yehuda on the other stick right Ephraim to be joined together never to be separated again Romans 11 talks about the ingathering and regathering in the last days those who are my people who might hear my name and know my name we’re talking about being grafted back into the original tree you weren’t a Christian you were a Jew you were part of the tribe I shouldn’t say to you were part of the tribe we’re tribe think of the book and tribes there were Twelve Tribes

  6. The church needs to interpret this book in a hebraic mindset to understand correctly the New Testament this is why your shoe it talked in Parables you cannot understand the New Testament and less you know the Hebrew mindset along with the Hebrew language it is impossible only so few people are going to get this message properly

  7. Lyn I want you to think Hebrewand not in a Christian fashion religionis really the problem because it’s all about theology Our Father Abraham was a Hebrew what is the Hebrew one who crossed over from Death To Life now the key to all these passages lies in Ezekiel 37 the nine and a half tribes were scattered to the four corners of the universe to fulfill the mission the three and a half tribes represent the Jews Yehuda represents the Jews when you say you you’re talking about yahudah the book of Romans is very clear about who the nine and a half tribes are it’s not about converting Jews because they’re under Covenant with their under God’s covenant what we’re talking about here is the tribes all the tribes we come from trees we were scattered because of our Disobedience went into Pagan idolatry that’s where Christianity comes out of Christ never came to Earth to create a new religion that is a false theology I’m sorry to tell you this the book doesn’t mention anything about Christianity nothing the holidays are totally wrong the calendar was changed Easter Christmas they’re all bogus they can be proved wrong so think in terms hebraic Lee what was truly said from hebraic mindset and I’m trying to be very simple here because I know a lot of people don’t understand what I’m talking about here I think about tribes we all come from a tribe and it’s about the 9/2 tribes coming back home hundred and forty four thousand twelve tribes in the book The Old Testament twelve tribes in the New Testament okay Jesus did not preach a new gospel it was from the old it never was meant to be this way but God is

  8. Lyn,

    Hello sister. I ran across your site today and just thought I would connect with you, especially seeing we both write. I hope to learn more about your writings in the near future.

    Peace and blessings!


  9. Lyn, please give me some feedback concerning “neural imprinting”. This is taking hold in the medical industry. I believe it could be connected to the Mark of the Beast. At the very least I feel a strong concern about allowing the neurons in the brain to be manipulated.

    Thank you,
    Marie Jones

  10. Hi, I was wondering when you will post some thing new in the the Breaking News section, I can only see the latest was November 2014


  11. got a question. what is it like when god disciplines his children.

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