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Could HAARP be Aimed at Yellowstone for a Doomsday Scenario? The Real Elites Agenda to….

Could the elite of the world be planning their depopulation agenda using Yellowstone? Will they use HAARP to accomplish that goal? And will they cause an economic collapse just prior to its eruption in order to have ‘more money’  in their pockets?… Read More ›

Gay Lovers–Barack and Michelle Obama–Sodomy and Corruption in the White House! Urgent ‘FINAL WARNING’ To USA: God Has Drawn His Sword! (Shocking Videos)

Violence. Addiction. Sexual Immorality (bestiality, homosexuality, lust, pornography, fornication, adultery, etc.).  Crimes against children.  Murder.  Rape.  Incest.  Abortion.  Jealousy.  Mockery.  False Doctrine.  Blasphemy.  Satanism/Occult.  Deception.  Loving evil and hating what is good.  Rebellion against all authority.  Parents hating their own… Read More ›

Breaking! Suspicious Activity! 9 Undisclosed Heavy Lift Aircraft Inbound to CONUS Concealed by US Govt–Military Intelligence Reveals Photos! (Video and Pictures)

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO SEE THIS NOW! United States retired military personnel discloses disturbing information regarding ‘suspicious’ heavy lift aircraft activity inbound to Continental United States. He says that altogether, there were nine in one week’s time. This is an… Read More ›