Praise and Worship

A Storm Is Headed To My Neighborhood? Praise the Lord!

When life’s storms hit you, whether ‘hurricanes’, tornadoes, or spiritual storms…you can always dance and sing before the Lord!  Clap your hands, shout it out, and let the praises fly!  Worship the Lord as loud as you can, because the… Read More ›

Remembering Evie Tornquist

Another artist my mother played often.  She even wrote a letter to Evie for me.  Surprisingly, Evie’s mother hand wrote a letter back to me!  I saved that letter forever; I had it hanging on my wall because I was so overjoyed!  We… Read More ›

God With Us

God With Us lyrics God With Us – Mercy Me Who are we, that You would be mindful of us? What do You see, that’s worth looking our way? We are free, in ways that we never should be. Sweet release,… Read More ›


Rosh Hashanah begins this Sunday.  Let us remember, for the Jews and for Israel, and us as a Nation who has always fully supported them…until now…the importance of this holiday as the Shofar‘s are blown!  Our  nation may not support Israel, but… Read More ›

Jerusalem of Gold

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold) (ירושלים של זהב) is a popular Israeli song written by Naomi Shemer in 1967. The original song described the Jewish people’s 2000-year longing to return to Jerusalem; Shemer added a final verse after the… Read More ›

Amazing Grace!

This song is one of my favorite songs.  I don’t know what it is about it, it just is.  Whether by Crystal Lewis, or anyone else, it’s great! Just wait until the little guy really opens up his mouth! Powerful!… Read More ›

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? ©2012, Lyn Leahz Your name is Elohei Elohim, There is none like You throughout all the earth, For You are All in All, You are everything… The wind does not blow against Your will, The rain does… Read More ›