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Proof of the Nephilim! The Giants in the Book of Genesis!

Archaeologists find Giants in Greece!!! Posted on October 25, 2011 So the articles claim.  There are articles saying this is a hoax, and articles saying it is not.  You be the judge and tell me your thoughts; hoax or truth?… Read More ›

Talking With God

It was late, I wasn’t tired, and I was lonely.  Suddenly, all of the things that were deeply bothering me began surfacing, but there wasn’t anything to do to get my mind off of the negativity.  Everyone was sleeping; it… Read More ›

The BIGGEST Questions

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not necessarily the thoughts, opinions, or questions of the author.  They are questions the author of this article has heard other people ask, or teach false doctrine on. Do you have questions, but no answers?  I… Read More ›

Breaking News–Solar Flares–Does June 5th & 6th, When Venus Crosses Over the Sun, Fit Anywhere Within Bible Prophecy? You Read, and You Decide For Yourself.

A scientific article; but one which I believe intertwines into Bible prophecy.  It is very frightening; who are we to think ourselves as high, or higher, than Yveh? How Solar Flares will affect humans physically, mentally, emotionally: Solar… Read More ›

Religion is…

Religion is…. Religion is derived from the word yes, religion is definitely not Godly.  It always irks me when I hear someone say, “I am very religious,” or, “They are very religous.”  As they are speaking pridefully.  I am… Read More ›