Adultery Against God-Has the Passion Died, or Were You Ever In Love To Begin With? (Powerful Video)

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Using the book of Job, we can see that Christians and non-Christians can suffer in this world. However, if we’re really not in love with God, this can make our walk with Him next to impossible in regards to achieving righteousness.  God revealed something to me that could forever change your life, and your relationship with Him..for the best!  This is the key! Please check out this video message and share!

Note: I already uploaded this once, but had to delete it as for some reason, the actual video of this message was never here…it kept displaying other videos of mine. So hopefully, this time it will work!

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  1. See I m not the only one that knows who she really is. She preaches the word of god. All at the same time posing as a whore and selling herself. Wow!! I just dont agree with what she is doing. Mrs. Leassz is a fraud. She cant hold I real job because she a hypochondriac, and she is crazy! Does anybody see what she is doing. Cant be a Christian and sell yourself like a whore!!!

    • I am a Christian, and have watched MANY of Lyn’s video’s, and let me tell you, she is right on the money with everything I have watched. Regardless of her past mistakes, all that matters is her current faith with our Lord and Savior now. I’m not sure why you are so hateful towards someone who is just trying to educate people to the truth of what is going on in the world. But I do see that she has never said one unkind word back to ALL of your hateful rhetoric. Personally, she seems very upfront, and honest to me, and all you say against her, only makes you look bad. AND TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Yes I see EXACTLY what she is doing, she is doing what GOD instructed her to do and evangelize to the world!!!

  2. How can you be absolutely sure that the spiritual “winds” and experiences of God are truly from Jesus.

    I know where you are coming from, don’t think that I am some unbeliever who does not understand what you talk about.
    Been there done that, I know what you exactly mean.

    I can assure you, you are not talking with Jesus there, manifesting himself all around you and making Himself fall in love with you.
    You are involved in something the Bible calls “sorcery” and “communion with spirits”.

    Evil spirits are not all evil ugly monsters but may manifest themselves in beauty and light, magnificent, and make you worship them.
    So, watch out what you are doing.

    Jesus Christ, who is The Word, LORD and GOD, died at the cross without blemish as the Sacrifice, shedding His Blood and atoned for the sin of all who put their faith and obedience in Him.
    Jesus Christ rose from the dead and was in flesh for a while before he ascended to heaven.
    All this has been clearly prophesied beforehand and witnessed by ordinary men who reported what they saw to one another (New Testament).

    GOD Himself, Jesus Christ, appeared to John and ordered him to write down his experiences what we call the Revelation. GOD appeared to many as reported in the Bible, and GOD’s character is clearly the Light of the Word and manifests in the heart of the true and obedient follower.
    This very character of GOD makes it clear that those who trust in Him without the assurance of seeing and sensing are the blessed.

    Now, to your question “How do I fall in love with GOD?” is not answered by sensations of the “wind” of God as you describe in your video here but through obedience and keeping the Word.
    When you love, then you will listen and obey your love. You will literally “keep your love”.
    In other words, you love GOD by keeping The Word Himself, who is Jesus Christ our Lord and GOD!
    Keep the Word through obedience and your love to GOD will increase!
    It is sin and disobedience to the Word, i.e. GOD and Jesus Christ, that separates from GOD and not a “feeling” you might or might not develop!

    Please reflect on the words here and examine yourself. I believe that you want to please GOD.
    Do not be fooled by spirits of light making you believe that you are literally communing with GOD Himself.
    Test everything you face in the Light of the Word.

    I do not recognize GOD in your described experiences, in the contrary.
    GOD wants you to grow in faith and faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of the unseen.
    GOD wants you and will continuously put you in life in situations where can make the choice of faith over the choice of the security of the visible and familiar environment.
    The Bible is packed with the stories of men and women and their choices of faith and disbelief from which we can learn and we can understand the very heart of GOD.

    • Hey please leave this lady alone she isn’t hurting anyone .. She is trying to turn her life around for the better ..if you have a number so I can talk to her please feel free to give it to me .. I’ll ask her myself ..

      • What a waste of life!!! This whore is a complete idiot!!!

      • She is hurting Lucifer’s plan. Who is opposed to that? Every human voice raised against Lucifer and promoting God is from a flawed person, and without them speaking, there would be no one to have a voice leading others to salvation. Jesus said, “No man is good.” That includes critics of those standing for Jesus. Examine yourselves and study the message, the blessings of salvation are for you, too.

  3. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  4. Lyn why does NASA SAY It’s going to miss us ..?? First they said it’s not going to happen . I believe What God said and EFrain Rodriguez

  5. Keep up the good work. God Bless you. What horrible things some people say about you. They need to be prayed for.

  6. everyone go to explosive news confirms 2015 beginning of end video.Read comments section I think it said 26 relpies and you have to scroll that. Someone left a link to lyn on another forum she calls herself blade girl . It shows the real lyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WANT BELIEVE IT>WE HAVE BEEN TOOK $ A RIDE BY THIS ONE> not me I could tell by other pics and poses before.

  7. Hello Lyn, so much is happening at a fast rate. Everyday you are able to feel it building. Everything in my life at present is in balance. I’m right with god, family and friends and I’m ready for the next step.
    Thanks from Dave

  8. Hello Lyn my name is Charles I’ve been watching your videos for some now . I just wanted to say I’ve learn a lot thank you for the time that you put into this videos .. Luv Charles

  9. I’ve been watching your videos and listening to them and God has showed me a lot through your videos . I thank you so much for doing this . Your a very pretty lady and I thank God for you ..

  10. I have been following up on the comet that Efrain Rodreguez says is coming in September. I am a Christian and have studied Revelation in regards to judgements on the world. Even as it appears to be in our future, it’s a real test on my faith in the Lord that these things will occur now. I have really had to confess my lack of belief at times and asked the Lord to help me repent. I am 63, retired from the Fire Service. I am now prepping for this event but do not know if this demonstrates a lack of faith. My wife and I are on heart & pain medications. What will happen when those run out?What do I do to be the leader of my family? I must pray that the Lord will protect my family. Once this event triggers earthquakes(I live in CA), I will run out of meds as will my wife. Will the Lord protect us? Efrain says yes he will. What do you think about his protection? I worry and know that it is a sin to worry as God is in control of everything. I must keep the faith. I know all this must happen and am happy and blessed we are in the generation that will be here for the Lord’s return on Earth. It is such a test of faith thinking my family will go through such an event. Some members of my family aren’t saved either which distresses me. I pray for them every day knowing that there are only a few months left. I ask for your prayers as I know there must be many more Christians in a similar situation. I pray for them too.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Keep up the good watching you do for us. God Bless.

    • God bless you and everyone else here who left a kind comment.. I appreciate it! 🙂

      • I don’t understand your reply ..??? Thank you very much and God bless you ..
        That’s all you tell people . Tom ask you about the comet .. You said thank you and God bless you and everyone else . That’s not a answer ..

        • Be cause she is a Escort aka whore!!!! She gets her info from idiots!!!! She had a messed up child hood and wanted to abort all her children. Now she is just trying to make up for it. PEOPLE DONT BE STUPID THIS WOMAN IS A FRAUD. She lives off of stupid people that buy into her bullshit and child support from all her baby’s fathers!! Lyn Leassz.!!!!!

  11. Thank you for website and information regarding our Lord Jesus. Your recent video on Loving God has really blessed me. After listening to you I didn’t realized I didn’t love him like I thought I did.
    I enjoy all you articles and videos. Thank you for your ministry.
    God Bless

  12. I enjoyed your first book and am waiting for the next. Keep up your good work.

  13. I’m living with tention,and I want to be your follower,so plz guide I’m from India

  14. A good lesson, principles to always be with us. Decisions made without thinking of what might displease Him could show acceptance of Satan and rejection of Him.

  15. Reblogged this on Discern The Time and commented:
    Adultery against God, such a good message.

  16. lyn Obama the clearance Bush the secret societies and the Illuminati are creating chaos to pave the road for the Antichrist Obama is not the Antichrist the Pope is the false prophet remember theres gotta be Perlis times and chaos on the Antichrist does come to the world he fixes everything and then people will love him and bow down to him

  17. Wheres my comment? Truth hurt?

  18. Dear Lyn, In no way do I mean to be disrepectful. I just want to share. I had an open vision of our High Priest, King Jesus in 1972. His name is above all names. He is resurrected from the dead. Yeshuas’ eyes are blue like the sky and ocean. His skin is olive. A emanating light radiates from him. When you look upon him, into his eyes, you see he is all the bible says, Pureness, Holiness, Truth, Mercy, Love, Kindness and on and on. On earth according to the word , not so beautiful. But, Jesus is now very handsome and beautiful.

  19. I would like to speak with you Lyn, I have a picture I would like to upload to you. It is a picture of Jesus which was painted by a seven year old girl who died and met Jesus, came back and at seven painted his portrait, which has been confirmed time and again by those who have had NDEs.
    Your drawing of him on your “true image of Jesus Christ revealed” was very close to what he looks like, until you started changing things.
    I would like you to see the photo in comparison to your origional sketch.
    Blessings in abundance to you.


  1. Adultery Against God-Has the Passion Died, or Were You Ever In Love To Begin With? (Powerful Video) | necltr

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