Can the Gov Put Voices in Your Head? Victims Speak Out and DOD Document Exposes Covert Technology Capable of Untold Horrors!

Telepathic ray guns that beam voices into your brain. Weapons that disrupt your balance and cause artificial fevers. Devices that trigger epileptic-type seizures from afar. These are just a few of the exotic items described in a Department of Defense document called, “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons.”

This document came from a man named Donald Friedman, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia because he claimed that he was being tortured by the government via microwave technology. In order to prove his case he filed that the document be declassified through the Freedom of Information Act. As a result the DOD had to comply and today we have the original documentation proving such weapons do exist.


The video below dives into the document piece by piece and proves once and for all that the government really can ‘put voices in your head’…

Click Image To See Chilling Video:


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    You bet your ass they can manipulate the human brain.

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