Please Pray For My Little Angelina, In the Hospital In Severe Pain! Video of Angelina Included -Lyn Leahz


Last Thursday, Angelina, my seven year old daughter, came home from school sick.  She was throwing up every few minutes and in severe pain in her abdomen. The school had told me that a nasty stomach flu was going around that included stomach pain.  So naturally, that is all I thought it was. By the next day, she was screaming, arching her body, could barely talk because the pain was so bad.  I prayed over her and she said, “Mommy, take me to the hospital or I am going to die!”  Right after that, I had my father come pray for her, and he too felt an urgency in his spirit to get her to the hospital, and that it was not a flu.  So, I took her straight to the Children’s Hospital ER. After some tests, they discovered that her appendix was ruptured.   Here it is almost one week later and she is still in severe pain and having some complications. She’ll be in the hospital at least another two weeks. Please watch the video below and add her to your prayer list. Thanks so much and God bless you!

A Word of Thanks From My Daughter Who Is In the Hospital Sick

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  1. Thank you, Jesus, for getting Angelina through this painful period in her life. May she grow strong in the LORD like her beloved mom and be a blessing to those around her. My prayers go out to your family every day. LORD, in You I trust to make them whole. Jesus, shine Your face upon them.

  2. I pray for Angelina’s healing & quick recovery in Jesus’ Mighty Name! We also receive Angelina’s healing in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Bless sweet Angelina mightily! Thank you O gracious God!

    God bless you & yours! Thank you Sister Lyn for all that you do for the Lord & for us in the body of Christ!


  3. Heavenly Father we thank you for the gift of your precious son. We thank you Jesus for taking up the cross and bearing all our sin & disease; for dying on the cross, for your burial in the grave and for the resurrection of life. We adore you Lord!! Father, I lift my dear sister Angelina up to you today; I thank you that every area in her body is restored to perfect health & that it will be healthy for the remainder of her life. Lord I declare all effects of this hindering host invading her body are broken and that, every organ, all abscesses, all tissue, and every cell from the finest hair on her head to the tip of her toe are healed. We thank you Lord that you have posted your angels around her to comfort her and protect her during this time of attack. Lord we declare that Angelina will grow in strength in her mind, her body, & the Spirit and that She is NOT hindered by any plans of the enemy to oppress her in her Godly life. Lord I declare that our dear sister is healed and that the spirit of infirmity that is attacking her must depart from her body. All oppressive agents must leave and are replaced by the fresh oxygen of your Holy Spirit Lord….. We thank you for her family Lord and we ask that you give them strength and peace, May you surround them with your Holy Presence.
    Lord I thank you that we walk in your divine Favour & we are blessed by our Heavenly Father.
    In your name Jesus We Pray. Amen ~Sincerely Cindy xo♥

  4. Dear Lyn,

    I hope everything is OK with your daughter. Lord have mercy!

  5. Father God, we come to you in agreement in the name of Jesus and with the blood he shed for us on us so that we could come to you and pray for Angelina’s total, quick healing with complete recovery. Please care for your elect, may we be close to you at all times in every way, and when we may stumble, please do not see us, but Jesus who holds us up. This is all for your glory, not that of any man, that your work will be the light in our world of increasing but temporary darkness. We pray that Angelina be a sign of your love and power, and let all see that her illness is a work of Satan, not you. Please, dear Lord, hold Angelina and the rest of your elect up during these days of the devil’s wrath, Revelation 12. Thank you, Lord, that because of Jesus, we will be saved from your wrath in the time to come.

  6. Dear Lyn Leahz and Sister In Christ,

    I will keep your beautiful daughter in constant prayer. The Lord our God is healing her. She will be used by God for a blessing to all In Jesus Name Amen. You too are blessed in abundance. Thank you for who you are in the Lord and the works that you do. This is an attack from the enemy and you and Angelina will prevail over the works of darkness. You are a blessing to all who follow you. Love and Blessings

    On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 9:08 PM,

  7. Lord Bless & Keep … please keep us informed. Our prayers are with you.

  8. I pray Father that if it be your will heal Angelina. Please give all the hospital staff the knowledge and wisdom they need in this matter to bring her back to good health. We pray that you wrap your arms around Lyn and her daughter to keep them strong during this time of great concern. We know father that when we pray you hear us. So please Father in the name of Jesus Christ please heal Angelina we pray.

    Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 03:08:21 +0000 To:

  9. wow, i will definitely pray every day for her.

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