TROUBLE! DIA Video Admits Agenda to Depopulate! Now in Effect!

This shocking video has just surfaced on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Website.   What astonishes me about the video is the fact that it openly promotes depopulation and further states that they are taking actions to prevent more people from populating the earth. Then they show images of bombs and chaos. I believe you’ll find the promotion of such a video frightening!

The only positive I see in the video is the fact that the government is now openly admitting their agenda to kills thousands-to-millions of people. Why they think that is acceptable is beyond me.



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  1. Share this posting with as many as you can, Representatives and Senators first. This is an important election year, we must not allow ourselves to be misled, deceived. Note sponsors of those lying to us on the media, tell them your opinions, and vote with your dollars (which need to be saved anyhow,)

  2. A great and much needed posting! Too many people are sleepwalking and following the devil’s directions, let’s pray and shout that they awaken, call the shepherd, and follow him to security. Don’t stumble and lurch to slaughter.

  3. It’s called culling, and it’s a demonic idea, and the problem is the rejection of God on a global scale. Too many have turned their backs on the One who created them. And now all we can do is try to win souls for the Lord. Life here on earth is just a temporary bit of time, eternity is where we will be forever, and hopefully for many it will be in the right place.

  4. intriguing post…the link and the article certainly make one think.

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