Damning Evidence–Baal Has Returned: Prophecy Research Ties This Nephilim-God to HAARP and Project Bluebeam (Videos and Photos)

Recently, I’ve made a couple of posts on how vibration and sound technology could potentially be used for the mind-control of the masses when the mark of the Beast is taken, and is currently being used in people to make them do sinister things.

I also believe that HAARP (weather control, project blue beam, mind-control) will not only play a significant role in bringing about the Antichrist/NWO, but is also the satanic entity of BAAL, who coincidentally was/is the (satanic) god of weather!

The Canaanites around them believed Baal was the god that controlled the rain and sun, that is why Elijah’s challenge had to do with rain. By declaring that there would be no rain until he said so, he was proving to them that it was the Most High God that was the God of the rain and not Baal.


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