IMPOSSIBLE? 3,000 Year-Old Hieroglyphics Depict Modern Day Technology! Markings of the Fallen Angels? (Shocking Video and Pictures)



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  1. I don’t know how in the hell we turn into a evil country but yes pray and pray hard. Me myself want to leave the U.S.A. but I will stay and fight.

  2. Thanks for your website. Things could happen very much like you have made us aware of. We must keep our hearts focused on the Lord. I think judgement is coming to America. I am 64 and can’t really uproute from my home and leave. I have prepped as much as my health has allowed me too. I pray for this country. We have to keep our eyes on the Lord. Prayer is so important. Thank you for watching world events. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  3. This woman is full of shit!!!! To all the people who follows her are just stuck on stupid…. She doesn’t even practice what she preaches. Hey Christina go poke your eyes out!!!! Oh by the way to all the men that follow her she is an escort on the side when she isn’t making money from all u dumb ass people…

  4. Thank you for all of the info. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of channeling on a celestial level. Without even reading a book I just know things. A lot of whAt you share is accurate. Is there anything we can do about any of it I doubt. All we can do is understand why we are going thru what we are about to. For those who ignore and do not believe it will be even tough And unpleasant. In the bible it tells a story of Satan Adam And eve And how Satan opened their eye to knowledge. And some people get this confused. While in the spirit of God I was enlighten to know opening your eye is whAt Christ was trying to tell us to do. Not our two physical eyes because we were born with those eyes opened. I mean how fair would that be to people who are born blind. But the third eye is the eye. Allowing light to enter the body. Plugging up your helixes activating your chakara system. Light is info. Until that awakening we are sleep zombie mode. If you was a how’s and your eyes was the window with them closed like a closed curtain on the Windows of a house Sun light cannot enter and feed your plants so they can grow. Same with your body. You will need this chakras system in these times. Sickeness will be on a rise. The powers that be will be trying to poison the population. You Will not be as to go to the doctors. Your body have it’s own medical assistance. And until we do as Christ said do we will perish. Lack of knowledge darkness. Thank you again for all that you do your are very beautiful.

  5. She is full of shit. She knows no other way to make money because she is a lazy HYPOCRITE whore. She is crazy!!!!! Full of guilt due to her past. And whoever believes this wack job you’re one your self.

    • You know nothing of her personal life. Your comment speaks volumes of yours. Please, if you don’t like what she posts go somewhere else. Try youtube for Trey Smith. Maybe he’s the one to open your eyes. She has well researched her stuff, have you? Where is your proof against her hypocrisy? She proves all she posts.

  6. Your past is going to come back and kick your ass. The way you treated people. Honey you are ugly through and through thats why you’re a single mommy. You have surprised me kris. Never thought you would go this far to get right with GOD is to make money off his name. By the way I tell everyone not to buy your dumbass book. You should have realized the way you treated people. We all pray you dont succeed. HYPOCRITE BULLY WHORE!!!!

  7. Ms lyn. What if we supost to know when Jesus return is . I have somthing that will make u think twice . This man has work on this for 20 years Daniel time line. End times tribulation begun. By wahahn. Please watch the hold thing please My number is 337 308 7288 Percy castille . I had history with drugs But I been saved but falling a lot Trying to get back to Jesus

  8. Hello Lyn,
    I’ve been raised in a Christian family and it’s been over a year since I was baptised. However, when I think about it, it seems it was really just to please my parents. Although I am young, I remember having the same enthusiasm you do. I would argue for Christianity using science to aid me. But it seems like I can’t do that anymore. I ask God for answers but don’t hear anything back. When I ask my parents questions about the bible which arouse contradictions, my dad told me off and said “don’t ask questions. ” Either he has no answer, or there is a nasty truth Christianity is hiding. I look at today’s church and am not surprised it is rebuked. For example, people don’t believe the church since it was wrong in the past. Galileo was arrested for saying the sun was the centre of the solar system. He was right. The church was wrong. If that was the case then, it could very well be so today!! I don’t know what to do or believe.

    • God bless you and thank you for taking the time to share and comment. I appreciate it.

    • In all honesty I think folks don’t receive the Holy Bible & Gospel because of the same reasons the majority were unsaved and not part of the ‘chosen’ people in OT. It’s not a new phenomena. Most rejected Jesus. Most perished in Noah’s flood. Man is wicked, they are sinners wanting to exert themselves as God. In other words, not to be told sin is sin. Also, it’s easy to listen to voices around us in the world that hate the message of a need for salvation. Except by God’s grace on me…I would not be saved. All the stuff we are warned of in the Bible, like wickedness in high places principalities and powers of evil blinding hearts of man, not wanting the Light Lord Jesus Christ (see John 3) because they like darkness other than light, mankind is not essentially good but are sinners in need of help, etc is true.
      By the way…the ancient book of Job talks about the earth being round! All civilizations was have testimony of Great Flood. In Ark, we see a form of genetics/DNA survival described before modern science spoke on it. When kings sinned (even beloved king David) we see it described honesty! Perhaps your parents did not know how to answer what you thought were discrepancies? Many don’t. They just know the Gospel is real! I’m not saying that is the case of your parents just for many. Much that I discovered in terms of archeological, prophecy, I learned after I began a relationship with God through belief & faith in what He says: calling on Lord Jesus Christ & putting faith in them for salvation. Most of all….changed lives testimony (like me a woman living for last 10 years practicing abstinence) began to occur after. I pray this blesses you & others.

  9. Hello Lyn

    You frustrate the hell out of me. I am reading your book soul deciever and its good. But all your information saying that the time is now and hurry, hurry, hurry is crap. I am a Christian and have been since I was five. I have been through more shit in my life as of 43 than most people will ever in their life. When I first saw some of your videos I was floored by the information and took it to heart. That was a couple years ago. Thinking what you said was true, I told everyone I knew. Nothing happened. I know as Christians our heats need to be ready at any time but come on. Your videos are like its going to happen tomorrow. I can’t help but think you are full of it. Maybe a false prophet. What you say seems to make a lot of scenes to me in a world of things that make NO sense. But nothing is happening and I look stupid to my family and friends. I used to copy everyone about these kind of things because it made so much sense to me but I don’t bother anymore because nothing is happening. In the past I have really been absorbed by articles like yours but I am sick of them. Its like the guy standing on the corner shouting that Jesus is coming. Everyone thinks he is crazy. Maybe I am mad at God. Yes I am. I seem to continue to suffer. One thing after another. I grew up going to church. But my research has opened my eyes to what I think is more truth than what I have ever known. Why doesn’t the church talk the truth? Tax breaks? If that’s the case, if that is true, they are leading people to hell and it pisses me off so much I can’t stand it. I feel so alone in my beliefs. I do think a lot of what you say is true but some times I think. What’s the point? God is not helping us. Churches are not talking about what really matters. Why???????? Can’t someone with a voice be heard? I have lost my second wife to divorce because she is fired of my obsession with what I think is the truth. Alone and by myself is how I feel.

    • I am sorry these things have happened to you, my friend. I will surely be praying for you! Keep in mind, I have never quoted dates. Soon is soon.. soon could mean a few years, a few months, a few days..I do not know. I am only doing as God leads me. Again, I will keep on praying for you. Know that we are all suffering some ailment in our lives right are not alone. God blesss you.

    • Holy Bible says don’t be weary in well doing. No one knows time, only that we are in last days…and that was in Lord Jesus time. Share Gospel, help in soup kitchens/serve in Lord Jesus name. Fellowship & help Believers in Christ at churches. Mostly, stay focused on Holy Bible and do all God says in it incl repenting, fasting prayers etc. Find your joy in the Lord…is my sincere prayer. Take anything extra biblical (such as this) as not the main thing! But with a grain of salt.

  10. I recall seeing on television years ago a distinct image among the other images of a helicopter in the Temple of Luxor. And I didn’t watch much television, who knows what else was on!?

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    Very interesting. Great Post

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