Outrage! National Guard Marked With Numerous Satanic-Luciferan Cult Symbolism by US Government, Including Mark of the Beast! (Jaw-Dropping Videos)



The above symbol for the Ohio National Guard 52nd Civil Support Team is completely satanic, and one has to ask, “Why?”

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  1. The Ohio National Guard 52nd Civil Support Team is based in Columbus, Ohio and is comprised of 22 Soldiers and Airmen who are trained to support civilian law enforcement authorities and other first responders at domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) and natural disaster incidents by assessing current and projected consequences, identifying CBRNE agents/substances, advising on response measures and assisting with appropriate requests for state and federal support.
    The unit’s unofficial logo reflects these capabilities. The inner portion of the logo is divided into four diamond-shaped squares — the top image is the symbol for the U.S. Army Chemical Corps; the left image depicts the international symbol for a biological hazard; the right image represents the international symbol for a radiological or nuclear hazard; and the bottom image is a dragon’s head, the Army’s symbolic mascot of the Chemical Corps, originally adopted in the 1940s. Army CBRNE specialists are often called “Dragon Soldiers,” as the dragon symbolizes the fire and destructive power of chemical warfare.
    In no way is the logo intended to symbolize anything overtly or secretly related to any religion or faith. It is simply an illustration depicting the unit’s main capabilities through relatively common images and symbols.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. However, I want you to know that I am aware of this. This post in no way represents the wonderful people of our military. The symbolism described here is of spiritual nature and is more about spiritual things.. it does not depict this as being done intentionally by any ‘people’, especially not the men and women of our military. I have friends and family who are in the military..very good friends.

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