List of Americans Considered Terrorists- 1,000 of Signs Found w/Words “Martial Law Now In Effect”- Internment Camp 100% Fact & Documentation to Prove it!

Main Core. That is the name of the government document that has over 8 million names of American Citizens who have been targeted for terrorism. If you are a conservative, libertarian, stock food or ammo, Christian, Catholic, gun owner, homeschooler, veteran, pro-life, or patriot, then you are a terrorist. If you believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order, or End Time Bible prophecy, then  you’re are also on that list.  I don’t know about you but I pretty much fit all of these categories, which makes me a terrorist and one of the 8 million names on Main Core.

To make things easier for everyone I have found a list of all those who are targeted and the supporting documentation to prove it.  Below is a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists”:



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  1. I am here to tell you with first-hand knowledge its absolutely true. Matter of fact, I’m going to step further to tell you, believe it or not, as Christians we are not only getting persecuted from our the first heavens most of the population is either demonically possessed or placed under a spell–they literally see nothing. My research as to what I fell victim and witness[ to and of] is that the fallen one’s have returned… ETs are demonic ‘satans,’ known as multi-dimensionals, ‘DEs’ dimensional entities and they’ve taken possession of others showing themselves fo people such as myself… in the physical realm. When this happens, the person seems to not recall a thing. I caught 2 of these DEs several weeks ago, placing the videos at I should probably put it elsewhere for more to see so others know the prophesies have been coming to light. In other worse, its time to seek Christ… God is real. Time is running out.

    I think the entire US government and their counter-parts/NWO have been taken over by fallen ones, too–not just certain one’s in the public. They’re all around us now. You’re post on Steadfast Demonic rise of Chrislam got my attention, as did this.

    Thank you Lyn for putting this out here, and may Godspeed to you and you’re own.

  2. On your “Like This” section, I have to admit that I don’t really like it, but we need it. I read the lists and think that whoever can should print it all up. Then, underline in red parts that go against God’s word, and give the paper to pastors and other spiritual leaders. All this calls for a stand across our country. For too long we have been taking orders from the servants of the devil, and for too long many shepherds have been pushing us to along the wrong paths on certain matters.
    Romans 13, written during an evil Roman Empire time, has some application today, but we have a responsibility in our stewardship in management of a democratic republic to apply our Bill of Rights and not follow orders back to Nimrod’s Babylonian World Order.

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