Never Before Seen Footage–China’s Death Row Interviews Before the Execution



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  1. Reposting this here from Before It Was News!

    Wow! So many variable here, so many. But, at the end, I had more pros as to why this was a good program verses the cons.

    The very first thing I thought well into the 20 minute mark was this could clearly be propaganda to make China look compassionate, to soften their image to world opinion, it is government owned and nothing can be released that wasn’t or isn’t approved by them. Especially if it were critical of the government.

    If, this was an honest assessment of what China is trying to do, then I can find no fought in it, none what so ever. The part that did anger me, was that a persons life was determined by the amount of money paid to save them instead of the forgiveness freely rendered to them. But then I thought, these people are rearing the children left behind after these crimes are committed, if the criminal’s family can pay restitution that will help support the children of those murdered and incarcerated, then where can that be wrong…

    We practice this very same thing here already and have been since the early 90s through Live Court, Court TV…there have been countless numbers of interviews with both the criminals and victims/victims families. As a matter of fact, you can even argue that ours is more aggressive and a times more graphic than what I have seen here in this program…

    I also felt that this type of program did indeed help these families in various degrees, or had the potential to help some families to move forward, though I have never agreed that their is such a thing as closure when a violent crime has been committed or when someone has lost a child or loved one. And this program stood out as a stark warning, this will happen to you if you commit murder, and in China’s case, a serious crime against the state?!

    So, with that said, if this was indeed a new face on China, a sincere and honest assessment of what they are trying to achieve, a step forward to lower executions and to show enough compassion as to allow the victims family to decide, or at least have a voice to the killers fate, then I can find no wrong here what so ever. None!

    We also have the chance prior to the killers sentencing in the United States that allows the victims family to speak out and request for either leniency, or to ask the courts for the harsher sentence of a death penalty, or life sentence. that the courts insure them, that justice will be served for the taking of their loved ones lives, and is why I have said, we’re already doing these very types of interviews, watching open court cases involving horrendous murders, and having a voice presentencing, either in favor of or against their loved ones killer…

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