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  1. Editor, September 09, 2013 SUBJECT: Syria Attack Consequences… aka… What Happens If A “Pin Prick” Or Any Attack Doesn’t Work?

    Finally someone is starting to mention and recognize the potential blow-back and impact of Obama’s Syrian attack initiative on the rest of the Middle East (e.g. Israel and Jordan by Iranian retaliation), the destabilization of the whole area, and potentially the tinderbox ignition of World War III, if the United States initiates an unprovoked attack on Syria. Perhaps Obama is hoping “pin pricks” will kill some number of Iranians and Russians in Syria, just enough to get Armageddon going?

    Aren’t consequences of a military mission part of an attack plan development…mission justification, pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages? Not with the Obama Administration or politicians in general, it’s all about politics and self-serving agendas. Thoughtlessness of setting “red lines” over some number of chemical weapons usage has come back to bite Obama in the posterior and God only knows the impact on “we the people”. Obama’s handlers may insist, regardless of what Congress or “we the people” say, that he conduct his deceptive attack full well knowing it’s not about chemical weapons or dead children.

    Blood, blood, blood…that’s what the arm-chair generals in the White House and Congress ignore in their war schemes, since the blood is not their own. Even deeper, the blood is invisible and somehow not real as they play their computer war games of “oil is thicker” or is it “natural gas” that trumps blood. Our sons and daughters have been giving blood, lives, body parts, decade upon decade and Barack Obama views a “pin prick” on Syria will stop the slaughter or solve anything. Enough is enough. When dealing with people that cut off heads, hands, cut out a heart and liver then eat them, and yes, gas their own children; a “pin prick” to their atrocities is their victory.

    The Obama direction is irrational at best. Nearly every nation in the world condemns use of chemical weapons but is unwilling to actively support action to stop Syria or whoever is using the chemical weapons. Those that threaten against the Obama action contribute to the chemical use by supporting Assad, namely Iran, Hezbollah, and a lesser degree, Russia, China . The Assad supporters are given a pass, not mentioned whatsoever by the Obama Administration with a warning as to consequences if they interfere. Iran has threatened to destroy United States Embassy in Iraq if Syria is attacked; that Israel will be attacked; Hezbollah has threatened attacks on Israel; Russia seems to be more actively engaged, and this doesn’t even consider the myriad of Islamic terrorist butcher groups that will attack because the scent of a double-dose fix of insanity is seeping into their moronic brains.

    The key threat in the Middle East is Iran. The trouble makers, eager to extend their power, expand their control, exporter of terror, cowardly sending others to do their dirty work. If Obama has United States best interests, which is open to question, he will forget this nonsense of using the deaths of a few hundred children killed by chemical weapons (as awful as it is) to attack Syria. Mr. Obama, Senator Reid, Rep Pelosi and virtually all the democrat party are guilty of supporting the killing of America babies by the millions through abortion. The position to cite child killing in Syria as an excuse to attack a sovereign nation is hypocritical and disgusting at best.

    Iran has been killing American’s in the Middle East for decades now…and what has the United States done to dissuade Iran? Economic sanctions? In effect, nothing. The killing, maiming, family destruction of Americans goes on and Iran is free to continue their nuclear weapon advances, arm and stir up their proxies. Obama should stop his school yard bullying of Putin, suck it up, develop a working relationship and partner with Russia to take appropriate measures to stop Iran. Consider the best interests of the United States for a change.

    If Obama is so morally offended at the use of chemical weapons in Syria, then he should make the case to the American people that it’s time to hold Iran, the real culprit accountable. Stop agitating and work with Russia, launch a massive attack against Iran, stop their terror, end Iran’s nuclear expansion, once and for all. A “pin prick” or a larger attack on Syria, a secondary actor will only unleash God knows what in the Middle East. It’s time to bite the bullet, take the initiative while the United States has the advantage, take out Iranian nuclear facilities and bring catastrophic damage to the military and industrial facilities in Iran. If they want to act out the stone age, let’s send them there.

    Otherwise Mr. Obama, shut up, relax, continue your golf…”pin pricks” or any larger attack against Syria won’t get it.

    Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

    111 Overview Drive

    Crestview, FL 32539



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