Large Fireball Explodes over Tennessee


August 30, 2013  | End Times Bible Prophecy

Cleveland, TN – A large fireball exploded in the sky over Tennessee on Wednesday. The ball of fire was so bright it cast a shadow on the ground and was visible across most of the southeast part of the country. NASA has now upgraded it’s estimates of the meteoroid that entered the earth’s atmosphere. NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office says the meteoroid likely weighed about 110 pounds and was 16 inches in diameter. It hit the top of the earth’s atmosphere at 53,000 mph. This fireball was the brightest NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has recorded in its 5 years of observation. There have been reports of sonic booms reaching the ground and Doppler radar recorded what appear to be some meteorites that could have fallen to the ground along the fireball’s trajectory. 13ABC

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