Strange News/You Decide: Black Eyed Children–They Just Want In! (Includes Video)


By Lyn Leahz, ©2013

The children approach quietly, yet forcefully. They insist on coming inside your house to use the telephone or to get a drink of water. For some reason these children frighten you, and as your hand reaches up to open the door you see why. Their eyes are black. No iris, no whites, just an empty, soulless void.

Tales of Black-Eyed Children began appearing on online forums in the late 1990s. I published my first article on Black-Eyed Kids in 2008 and since then I have seen reports of these entities go from rare to common.

Explanations as to what they are include alien/human hybrids, demon-possessed children, and cryptoterrestrials. Regardless of their origin, one thing is certain – they’re terrifying.  -Mysterious Universe

They’re creepy. They’re horrifying. People claim a feeling like none other overtakes them–a feeling of impending doom and gloom!  There have been numerous reports by many people saying they have seen them.  But are they real?  Could they be demonic entities in the flesh, making their appearances in the ‘end times’?  Could they be a seed of the serpent–nephilim?  People who have experienced them swear they are real, and they act horrified as they talk about them.

Kerrie Kisner hadn’t intended to stop at the Triangle Town Center mall on her way home from Wake Tech Community College near Raleigh, North Carolina, but she did. She wished she hadn’t.

“There were very few people there that day and found it strangely eerie how quiet it was,” Kisner, 20, said. “While walking back to my car I rounded a corner and saw an older lady and a young boy. He immediately caught my attention because he was so odd looking, I had never seen anyone like him.” The boy, about twelve years old, seemed average at first, but as Kisner watched him talk with the woman, he seemed anything but average. The boy’s black hair contrasted sharply with his pale skin; dark patches hung under his eyes. “It looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks,” Kisner said. “He had a very thin face.”

So then how come they call them the black-eyed children?  Kerrie explains further. What she says is quite surprising!

The boy began to shift his body when Kisner passed them on her way to her car, then he lifted his head and made eye contact with her. “I froze. His eyes were black as night, very dull, almost dead,” Kisner said. “The look he gave me has haunted me. The feeling I got from him was as though he wasn’t all there, almost ghostly.”

Eyes locked on Kisner’s, the boy turned slowly and not waiting for the older woman to give him what she dug for in her purse for, simply walked away. Kisner doesn’t know who, or what the boy was, but this memory will stick with her forever. “Ever since then the look he gave me has haunted me,” she said. “Almost like he knew what I had been thinking.”

So what do you think they are?  Made up people to stir fear? Nephilim (seed of the serpent–demons)? Something created by the Illuminati?  L.A. Marzulli and Gary Stearman discuss it from a biblical perspective.  Watch the video below, and find out what they say!

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Mysterious Universe contributed to this article.

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10 replies

  1. Interesting. I’ve never heard of the Black Eyed Children before and curious to do a little searching to find out more. As to whether they are real or not – there are a lot of things out there that people see or experience that can’t be explained. I’ve seen Shadow People and it was unnerving but that doesn’t scare me nearly as much as the thought of seeing one of these black eyed children and here’s hoping I never do see one.

    • I think if people took more time to dig into the Bible and to history (biblically) they would find there are simple biblical explanations for things. Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us specifically about princes of darkness…in high places….the air. I do not believe in ‘space beings’ from other planets. I do believe in demons, masking as that, though. Angels of darkness to deceive. Some interesting books are ExoVaticana and Petros Romanus… and, Nephilim Agenda and Nephilim Resurgence.

      • I don’t believe in space beings either. I do believe evil does walk among us but I guess I kind of expect it to not look out of place so as to more easily deceive. But then again, if the evil does manifest itself in such a way that it does appear evil don’t you think that it would push people towards God – out of fear if nothing else – and defeat its purpose, whatever its purpose is? At any rate, there is so much we don’t understand and that’s most likely the way God intends it – at least for now, right?

    • Ooops..and thanks for sharing your thoughts! God bless you!

    • If you have seen Shadow People , these are a part of the complex issue. Having read on it all I think they belong to the UFO group. Now that Area 51 has been told, there are pics from those who worked there out. It is all connected to Geo Magnetic Field. I used to think they were not of God, Demonic, but for yrs people who have contacted or been w them say they are harmless. It took me years to wrap my head around it all and still cant, but I know our God is so BIG and if I am to believe He created my world and me, then why could He not create another one, they certainly are much smarter than we are. You don’t see us traveling like they do. Have a blessed eve

      • Just remember, teresa, that the Bible clearly tells us that Satan is the master of deception and can appear as an angel of light. It is not time for them to show their true colors..and they are most certainly demons. God bless you and thank you for sharing…

        • Hi there thanks for writing. I did not mean to say they were not, just that those that have been In contact say not harmful intentions is all. I just still think that there is no reason why the Lord didn’t create other life. I mean He is God. 🙂 Have a blessed eve!

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