Behold The pill that texts the doctor – from inside your body

Handle with care: The drugs we take to treat chronic illness can be as dangerous as the disease if wrongly used

Handle with care: The drugs we take to treat chronic illness can be as dangerous as the disease if wrongly used

As a species, the human race is messy. We can be inconsistent, disorganised, mendacious, unpredictable and frequently bad at making the right decisions about what’s really in our best interests.

Which means that being responsible for people in vulnerable situations – for example, chronic illness – can be fraught with difficulty. Because as cruel as disease can be, the consequences of human error can be just as bad.

According to the World Health Organisationaround 50% of us fail to take medicines correctly, while over 50% of drugs are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately.

Not only can this have horrifying consequences for patients, it also costs healthcare providers millions every year.

So technology to help avoid these situations could prove lucrative.

There’s no shortage of drug reference apps, like Micromedex, but a number of start-ups are exploring more interactive routes. Full article | World Chaos

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