YOU DECIDE: Alleged Apocalyptic Solar Flare Expected 2013 – [the new age satanic practice of] remote viewing with Major Ed Dames – The Kill Shot

This video starts out with a few clips from the original Kill Shot video I posted earlier; however, this one is NOT the same video, it has a lot of other material in it, including a detailed interview with Major Ed Dames.  This is one you will want to seePlease share your thoughts below.  My thoughts: remote viewing is satanic! But, I guess Satan would know when ‘he’ is going to do what he is going to do. He doesn’t know God’s agenda, but knows his own.

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  1. “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20. There are many things God made us capable of, we are only aware of some of them, all will be revealed in time. My response to this is that remote viewing and astral projection could be satanic, if one is using them without the guidance of our Lord. I do not know why they necessarily ARE satanic as God himself uses prophets to accomplish the same task, but through Him.
    Major Dames was known on the old Art Bell radio program as the prophet of Doom and Gloom, and I listened to his original interviews with Art Bell. It IS a certainty that at some point we will be hit with major solar flares, and it IS true that our electrical infrastructure is largely unprotected and would leave us without power for months and even years. The huge electrical transformers used on our grid are no longer manufactured in the USA and to order one from China requires six months notice. Without power we would not have the ability to cool nuclear reactors, which have a max ability to cool themselves by on site generators and batteries for between 7-30 days. This would lead to widespread meltdown.
    Dames does NOT give dates, and is adamant that from remote viewing it cannot be determined when this will occur. I was relieved when NASA retired the shuttle as the forcing down of the shuttle was one of the immediate precursors mentioned in his original interviews. With the use of the x-37 which largely resembles the old Shuttle, although smaller, I was alarmed that this could be the modern version of the shuttle seen in their visions. Sure enough Dames mentions it.
    God will provide for us who believe in him. History suggests that wise are the people who prepare for things to come. Storage of some water and food stuffs is good advice. For heavens sake don’t advertise it, as the fed has the power to pull all your personal supplies you may store for your family. So satanic? I don’t know, but in looking at the facts the thing that leaps out at me is this has happened before, google the Carrington event of 1859, and likely will happen again, sometime relatively soon. A modern day event such as this will likely destroy many electronics, there are accounts of visible electrical arcs coursing over telegraph wires. Imagine what this would do to your laptop, cell phone and even your onboard car computer.
    My suggestion? Prayerfully consider what God wants you to do each day. He can and will lead us. Worry not, for he holds us in His palm. Ask if He thinks you should prepare for something, and how to do it. God uses all things for His purpose and if this causes even one person to move closer to Him, well, that is a huge win. God Bless ya!

    • The reason is is satanic is they are not doing it in the name of Jesus or with God’s direction. Yes, those who know Jesus prophecy, but that is through the Holy Spirit. However, remote viewing is not one of them. That is a new age, satanic practice. one has to be VERY careful with anything that it is of God and can be found in God’s Word, because it is easy to cross over the line, and then get caught up in Satanic things that ‘seem’ right and ‘okay’, but are not. God does indeed hate all forms of witchcraft.

  2. He speaks of tribulation and doesn’t even it. Which Satan knows its going to happen. Ultimately Satan even knows that everything the Bible predicts comes to pass, he in a sense is stealing the information from God…so like Satan!

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