Obama’s Congress Opens With Muslim Imam’s Prayer To Allah


 One nation under Allah

On July 31, 2013, Imam Talib Shareef of Masjid Muhammad in Washington, D.C., opened a session of the United States Congress with a prayer on Capitol Hill. This is the America that Obama has been working so hard to create.



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  1. If any doubt that Obama is a Muslim, all they need to do is to just search “Obama Muslim” on Youtube. There is little to no doubt after watching 20-30 minutes of various videos.

  2. I believe that this is allowed to happen because many people including Christians think that “we are all praying to the same God.” Just know that the ones who do not believe we are all praying to the same God are the Muslims. If you ask many of them, they will admit that we don’t have the same God. They view us as Polytheists because of our view of the Trinity. Also, they do mention Jesus in the Qur’an, but Jesus is a prophet who in the end times will return, but in the Qur’an he comes back to scold all of the Christians and tell them that they need to worship Allah. Their Jesus is the AntiChrist…I find this no coincidence. There are other interesting things about this religion, but this is only a comment, not my dissertation so I will keep it brief. 🙂

  3. it’s now a fact; satan has come to America and replaced the Lord God Almighty as god. is it possible that the evil known as barak hussein obama will one day become the antichrist and proclaim himself as god?
    it’s very possible-he has already set himself against the Messiah

    • Obama is an antichrist, but he is not the Anti Chirst. He doesn’t fit the description. The Anti Chist will be loved by everyone except the true Church and will have all the answers, Obama only screws things up. He is God’s answer to America for us turning our backs on Him. We must be brought down so that the Anti Christ may come to power.

  4. it’s now a fact; satan has come to America and replaced the Lord God Almighty as god. Could the evil known as barak hussein obama one day become the antichrist and proclaim himself as god? It’s very possible. He has already set himself against Messiah.

  5. Gods name is YHWH, and Jesus name is Y’shua in Hebrew which means YHWH is Salvation.There are many many scriptures about making his name known and calling upon his name and you will be saved. The Arabic Catholics and Christians of the Middle East know that word Allah which means God to be in their Bible translations 600 years before Islam came, and their translations were Aramaic. I have the Ancient Aramaic Syriac New Testament and it has God pronounced as Aloha, and there are many dialects. Jesus called out to God by the words in Aramaic My Eli, My Eli, why have you forsaken me, which is also a quote from the book of Psalms about that prophecy. Eli means my God in Aramaic, El means God. In Hebrew there is Elohim and different forms that are similar to the Aramaic. Wikipedia gives a lot of info.on the word Allah. It is very creepy and strange that Islam is in the White House praying, don’t they hate us?

    • allah is not the name for YHWH. allah is the name of the islamic moon god. It’s amazing how many Christians are willing to accept that the god of the quran is the same as the Holy One of Israel and the God of the Christian Bible.

    • Allah and God NEVER meant the same word. Allah and his consort Allat were pre-Islamic gods deified in the Kabala in Mecca. Mohammed picked Allah because it was one of the deities his family worshipped. Islam is a Christian heresy; a kind of bits and bobs religion designed by the Devil to confuse already damned people.
      To follow Islam or any other way but Jesus Christ will only end in Hell. And shame on people who claim all religions are equally valid. They are condemning Billions of souls to eternal damnation.

    • Angela Tice, It is odd that they would pray in congress and did not close prayer IN JESUS NAME….and I know tat Islam hates us and we are infidels who need to be killed..( beheaded)_ that is a great honor for them to kill us. Why would we as a CHRISTIAN NATION, allow such Blasphemy in our Government. I am so sad to see all our Christian Morals being stripped away. Satan has come here to roosts today. There shall be no other Gods before him. God Forbid the fate that is to come.

  6. We are living in the End Times. God moves the nations around the way He wants them. Obama was put in the White House by God. I can’t find the United States in End Time prophecy, so I think we will become a third world country. Obama’s agenda is to destroy the United States, and he is doing a find job. He might be the forerunner for the anti-christ.

    • I think America will rid itself of Obama et al. It will become a Christian Nation once again and fight the anti-Christ with Jesus in the end times. Yes, America is there and will come good. So, hang on to Jesus.

  7. God of the Bible is not Allah. God of the Bible is a real living God who created all that exist. Allah is a myth, fable. False god. That does not exist, most likely is Satan. God help America!!.

  8. What really worries me is that an attempt to make a Christian prayer in a Public Place would end with Police and Tasers…or Worse.

  9. How scary! I say this because for those people who do not have the understanding and wisdom of God, this prayer to Allah makes it SEEM like a genuine prayer to God. How confusing this must be for the unbelievers… and so very DECEPTIVE. WOOOOOWW!

  10. We are living in a Godless nation, Satan can and will take over in any way or form that he pleases, “Blessed is the nation who’s God is the Lord, Whom will I serve, God or god?

  11. This prayer in congress by a Muslim is unequivocally a sign of the downfall of America. Why not pray to God our creator instead? Blatant hypocrisy from congressional leaders.

  12. My heart aches for the USA. I used to long to live there. A Christian nation under God! I used to dream about making a life for me and my family in the States, but recent years have proven the USA to have fallen from grace. How I pray, if it be God’s will and plan, that the USA will be redeemed and for one last time become the nation it used to be. Fearless, principled and tenacious to bring all that is good to the rest of the world. For now I will rather remain in South Africa where it appears I currently enjoy more fundamental rights and sensible judges than the average American does.

    • Dear Marc…I live in the States, and the sad thing is, I am afraid you are right.. and I am ashamed to be part of such a godless, sick, and dying nation. God bless you.

      • I believe good Christians like you, Lyn will bring America back from the brink to fight Islam and its anti-Christ.
        I’m an eternal optimist. God didn’t create America just to see it fall to Islam.

        • We have to go by the Bible, though, Johnny. And prophecy will be fulfilled. We are in the days of the book of Revelation and Daniel.. we have become like Sodom and Gormorrah…as in the days of Noah. Those of us who belong to Jesus will go on forever in eternity and the New Jerusalem..but sin will be destroyed once and for all, and along with that, comes the destructions throughout the earth. I’m sorry. I know that is not what you want to hear. It’s in the Bible, though. I didn’t make it up. 🙂 God bless you, Johnny.

  13. I believe Obama is a Muslim, but he has nothing to do with who Congress lets pray. That stupidity in this case belongs to the leaders in Congress.

    • Yes. People do not realize that Obama is the face..the puppet of the entire system. There will be a ‘leader’ (Antichrist) in one person… yes.. but this sort of thing is the sickness of the system that has infiltrated our government over many, many years.

  14. Do we need anymore proof that Obama is Muslim?

  15. Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    Shayn Roby’s Take: A prayer to Allah is a prayer to Satan. PERIOD. Liberal groups call such a stance bigoted, but it’s only because they serve Lucifer as well.

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