India: Five Women Missionaries Beaten Publicly for Sharing Gospel

Indian Christian women

Five women have been beaten by a man in the Andhra Pradesh region of India while sharing about the love of Jesus in a public marketplace. Amazingly spared, they retreated to safety, thanking God for the honor of suffering for His sake.

The women, all leaders in the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-sponsored Women’s Fellowship ministry, had been sharing with store owners and shoppers when one man demanded to know what they were doing. The assault began with a powerful slap to the face of one woman and continued to the others, one of whom was isolated and surrounded by five men.

“Jesus promised persecuting and hardships,” says Daniel Punnose, vice president of GFA ( “These young ladies see it worth facing the beatings in order to share the love of Christ.”

The women, Bansari, Jaladhi, Kuyil, Sunita and Viveka, were beaten on their faces, ears and heads. All report that no bystanders came to their defense during the ordeal and that they miraculously escaped from their multiple attackers and were delivered from further harm.

GFA-sponsored Women’s Fellowships are intentional ministries across South Asia for women reaching women with the love of Christ in cultures where men are severely limited in ministering to women. Local Women’s Fellowships are often nurtured by one of 2,000 GFA-sponsored women missionaries.

Special prayer is requested for the women attacked and for all the women missionaries and leaders of Women’s Fellowships who work in cultures where women endure cultural oppression and degradation.

“When we see young women publicly beaten for the faith, it tells us what the future holds in regards to persecution,” Punnose says. “Things will get worse, but the Lord is faithful in all things.”


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  1. This world is winding down just as the Bible has foretold 😦 We truly are in the last days.

  2. Reblogged this on Laurel Sobol World Art Guild and commented:
    I like that this information is made public, the atrocity and demeaning treatment of the women is typical of treatment of M.B. Islam hate on and against women and genocide of women worldwide. Egyptian Christian and other protestors of M.B. were paid by Obama Admin. $9-$35 depending on how badly they were beat up and or raped for peaceful protesting against tyrant governments. This is in America too, where the United Nations Trojan Horse will genocide peaceful protestors desiring free thoughts, free press, free speech, and the right to arm and protect themselves and their families. There is something more sinister here going on. The elite 1% corporate bankers, Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up, Frito Lays, Quaker Oats, Hershey’s, Mars Bars Inc, Similac, Kraft, Campbells, and all the companies using and making foods and products with German owned Monsanto & BASF, Dupont, Cargill GMO’s Glyphosate poisons toxins. Elite want America to rape it to the desert below the land, extract and desiccate it to the marrow. The Trojan Horse Genocide of American is here to get rid of the peaceful protestors who want basic human rights that were paid for with the blood of Jesus, the blood of our troops, not to be revoked forever. Elite 1% too busy with melting the poles for profit and making people into GMO trans-humans don’t have time for being humans. Elites are too busy living the 1,000 year Reich of minion Hilter in the 1940’s…only just begun then to extend to the future. We do not consent to genocide of any kind ever. In God we trust faithfully forever. Arms control of elite and UN means genocide of the extent seen be China, Russia, Germany. We will never be genocided ever again!

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