Lyn and I want to thank everyone for their prayers for us and the Vine staff, as well as the site. We believe we have finally identified the problem after much testing. The data we moved from Vine of (our old site) is corrupted and is damaging our new site’s database.

The fix for this unfortunately is to completely erase the site and start over from scratch again. Lyn and I  apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please visit us temporarily at Lyn We are posting there until we have this site repaired.

We are currently waiting for engineers to break up our sites huge amount of data into smaller files for us to upload to this site. Our large file sizes are what corrupted the data to begin with.

Thank you so much for your continued patience with us. We will update you all as we know more. We appreciate any and all prayers for us.

We would like to also say thank you, to our wonderful staff here at Vine of Life News. Lyn and I appreciate all of you!

God bless all of you
Greg Holt and Lyn Leahz Publishers

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