Is God’s Hand in Your Flower Garden?


Today I was working on pulling weeds in front of one of our tower buildings. This particular tower is built on a 100’ silo, and we have a small building in front of it that houses our Internet equipment.

As the weeds have gotten way out of hand, I thought I would pull out the biggest of them. These weeds whatever they were had grown, the biggest ones were over 5’ high! So I grab small handfuls and yank them out by the roots, goodbye weeds! All is going well until I grab another small bunch of weeds, I was almost done, and give them a good yank. The weeds decided they were staying in the ground this time and slid through my hand and fingers. No problem, except that when the weeds slid through my fingers, one finger was cut, cut very deep. By the time I had the cut pulled together and taped shut, there was a pretty good amount of blood on the ground. Of course the cut finger was also throbbing. Not so much fun, but nothing to serious either.


What happened to my finger today made me think; yes I do that on occasion! The weeds in our gardens are like the sin in our lives. The sin needs to be dealt with, yanked out by the roots and preferably on an on-going basis.

Lets imagine something together shall we? Deep inside all of us, tucked away where only God can see is a garden. This garden is filled with many beautiful flowers of all different varieties, shapes and colors. The beauty of this garden is exquisite, beyond compare in its loveliness. This garden of course represents our spirit in communion with the Lord.

Unfortunately, we have a problem in our garden. This problem mars the otherwise perfect beauty of our garden…weeds. Weeds grow up in our garden and these ugly things just seem to grow where they please. They need no care, and still these weeds seem to flourish!

The weeds are of course our sins. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak…and so we have weeds in the garden, our sin. So God being God…who does not like sin needs to throw on His heavenly gardening gloves and pull these weeds out! Just as I felt pain when my finger was cut, we will feel pain when God weeds our garden.

If we cooperate with God, going to Him and confessing sin right away, the pain is much less. If however we try to hide from God and we are His, well the weed pulling is going to hurt a lot more.

God will not leave you in your sin He loves you too much to do that. But we need to be careful here, very careful. If you are pursuing a lifestyle of sin and not turning to God about it, the time may come when He will no longer strive with you over it. If your sins do not bother you all that much…this is a very bad sign! Do not wait…go to the Lord in prayer, right now not later. Or someday you might come to the point that your sins do not bother you at all…and then you are lost probably for good. We all need to keep short accounts with God, we cannot hide anything from Him anyway, why try?

It goes hand in hand with all we have said here today as well that: God’s forgiveness is NOT a license to sin. To many “Believers” think that because God will forgive them that they can get away with just about anything, after all God is a forgiving God right? That is so not true! That would be like walking up to your spouse who you know loves you very much, and slapping him or her across the face as hard as you can…and then saying “sorry about that”, knowing you will be forgiven! This is taking advantage of God’s goodness; do not do this, as the price you may pay is rather steep.

Some will say that God forgets your sins, that is ridiculous. God is…well He is God! God will forgive your sins, but God forgets nothing. If you live a life of wantonly sinning against Him, you may someday find yourself on the outside looking in. If not here, then in eternity, God will repay or reward…based on your choices.

Go to God and invite Him to weed your garden…so that your spirit may continue to grow and flourish under His care.

Time is short the end is near to us…make sure you spend some time with God today…and enjoy the flowers. He is waiting for you in the garden…your garden.

God bless and keep you friends


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"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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