Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt Not In A Haze Over EPA Haze Regs: EPA Sue and Settle Litigation Not Acceptable

Commentary: Lyle Rapacki, Ph.D.

IN RE:  Filing Suit Against the EPA


The Great State of Oklahoma is not intimidated by the far-reaching heavy hand of a Federal Government run amok.  The Oklahoma Attorney General is standing firm and being greatly assertive against the EPA who is involved with everything political and nasty except “protecting the environment.”  The EPA willingly has become the heavy enforcer for the Obama crew, and is willing to bring whatever ugly and nefarious actions it can against communities and towns, ranches and homes, rural recreational sites, rural trails and walking paths, long, long-term rural industry, and even cows in their quest to close rural sections of America and relocate people to established Human Development Zones.  This is happening here in Arizona, and like our fellow citizens in Oklahoma, we are not intimidated by the suits in corner offices sitting east of the Potomac who couldn’t tell the difference between a Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir; between barrel cactus and jumping cactus.  Besides, here in Arizona, we know something or two about real thugs…we have cartels operating here regardless of what Janet Napolitano says about our borders being secure.

This is a real battle Oklahoma is waging.  Some might think it is just more politics, but they are the same who still think Obama is the best thing that has happened to America and truly exceptional, even though Obama, himself, doesn’t believe in exceptionalism.  No…Oklahoma is waging a battle for its sovereignty and constitutional right to maintain jurisdiction.  The Obama crew is waging a battle to collapse everything America was created to be and has fought to maintain; including the inalienable right for those who voice and believe Obama’s Marxist form of government is acceptable.  The EPA is on a mission to shutter all forms of energy, thereby, forcing Americans into a life-style, words cannot bring justice in attempting to describe.  But it doesn’t even stop there.  The EPA is imposing a heavy hand onto American’s lifestyle including what appliances they purchase for the kitchen, how and when they shower, how and when they may cool or heat their homes, and even if gardens in backyards are acceptable; the list goes on and on.

GO for it Oklahoma!  Fight the good fight!  We in Arizona are about to join you.  We are not afraid of a tussle with those in the District of Columbia.  We already have met the enemy over SB-1070 and other border issues.  We have been bloodied but we are not bowed.  If anything, we are learning quickly who is really for constitutional freedom, and those who merely talk a good game but really are for a centralized, controlling government and a change from the representative form of a Republic in which we created by our Forefathers.  This so called fight over EPA Haze is a smoke screen in and of itself.  The real haze is what Obama and his crew are blowing across our land in an attempt to cloud the work of dismantling the United States of America in every fashion.  WAKE-UP America, the EPA is not about the environment, it is about control over your life.  Just like Obamacare is not about your health, that too, is about control over your life in every aspect imaginable…and the evidence is beginning to sink in isn’t it?


Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst     


Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt is not afraid of a battle targeting the most conservative state in the Union for, in my opinion, our decisions at the voting booth and our long, aggressive and successful energy industry. Don’t you know ‘they’ hate that?

Scott_Pruitt_15Here’s the background (current status after):

Has the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) colluded with some of the left’s favorite environmental groups in an effort to skirt state policymakers and pass some of the strictest environmental regulations to date? Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and 11 of his colleagues have been asking the EPA that question for months. However, they have been continually denied answers despite complying with Freedom of Information Act guidelines.

Pruitt is leading a multistate effort to push back against what he alleges is the EPA’s latest encroachment on the Constitution – a legal gimmick known as “sue and settle.”

According to Pruitt, the EPA encourages what it considers friendly environmental organizations to sue the EPA under various federal statutes such as the Clean Air Act. The EPA wastes no time is settling these cases through legal agreements called consent decrees. These binding consent decrees then allow the implementation of much stricter regulations that go well beyond the scope of existing laws passed by Congress. Source: Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) (emphasis mine)

Here’s the rest of the story:

As OklahomaWatchdog.org points out, Oklahoma has “no” Weiners or whiners.” Pruitt and Americans for Prosperity – Oklahoma (AFP) have joined in the fight that publicly shows Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) acquiescing to EPA.

If you live in Oklahoma, you need to know how much your electric bill is going up, and if your Oklahoma elected congressman or senator is supporting the EPA (yes, it’s possible). Read it here, because…there go the jobs!

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