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Born, but doesn’t know it yet

A Greek doctor posted this incredible picture on his Facebook page of a baby he delivered. And as you can see … it was no ordinary delivery.

Bethany Braun,Parent Society Administrator

The baby was delivered via c-section, but was still inside the amniotic sac after being removed from the mother’s body. In fact, according to Dr. Aris Tsigris, the OB/GYN in charge of this delivery, the baby does not even know that it has been born yet.

Most sacs break on their own or are broken by the doctor when a woman is ready to give birth. This is known as a woman’s “water breaking.” It is extremely rare for a baby to be born with the sac still completely intact.

However, although it is rare, it is not dangerous. Dr. Tsigris informs us that the baby will not drown inside the bag because it is feeding off the placenta. The baby will automatically start to breathe on its own once the bag is broken. The doctor admits however that he was left “breathless” by the site of this baby.

The original article is in Greek, but the gist of it is that the baby thinks it’s still in the womb and is therefore living as peacefully as when it was in its mother’s uterus.

This photo is without a doubt, amazing to look at.

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