Egypt Warns: Sinai Terrorists Planning Attack

Egyptian soldiers

Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula are planning to attempt attacks on Friday, Egyptian military sources have warned. The attacks would be timed to take place parallel to protests in Cairo.

Terror groups in the Sinai have primarily targeted the Egyptian army, which is currently engaged in a large-scale operation aimed at restoring order to the region. They have occasionally attacked Israel as well.

On Friday morning an Egyptian base in the city of Rafiah, near Gaza, came under attack. Attackers used a mix of gunfire, RPG missiles, and mortar shells.

On Thursday, terrorists attempted to bomb a police training base in El Arish. The bombs detonated earlier than terrorists had planned, killing four would-be attackers.

Earlier in the week two Egyptian soldiers were shot and killed near the town of Sheikh Zawid.

The Sinai suffered increasing unrest following the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. Terrorist groups in the region were briefly subdued, but unrest increased again in recent weeks as Islamist groups sought to take advantage of Morsi’s ouster to regain lost ground.

Israeli leaders are keeping a close eye on developments in the Sinai. Residents of the western Sinai reported seeing Israeli surveillance planes flying overhead on Friday morning.

 Israel National News.

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