Swarm of bees delays US Airways flight three hours in North Carolina


July 24, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A US Airways Express flight left three hours late from a North Carolina airport after a swarm of bees kept crews from rolling the plane back from the gate. US Airways spokesman Davien Anderson says Flight 2690 to Indianapolis had boarded Wednesday afternoon and was ready for departure from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Anderson says a worker approached the tug — which pushes the airplane back from the gate — and noticed the bees. The worker couldn’t operate the tug in fear of being stung. US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr says a beekeeper captured the bees. She says the 79 passengers and four crewmembers aboard left at 4 p.m. and arrived in Indianapolis at about an hour later. None of the bees got inside the cabin, and no injuries were reported. NBC News

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  1. Interesting story…it was a swarm of bees that led me to Jesus. As a young woman, I was headed to work at my job in the middle of the city, and suddenly a swarm of bees came right at me and I had no choice but to run for the closest door — it turned out to be a Christian TV ministry office situated near my workplace. I later learned a honeybee farmer had been visiting the TV ministry and some of his bees escaped! 🙂

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