A Moment In Heaven – Harp & Flute – Amazingly Beautiful!

Categories: Christian Living

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  1. wonderful morning commencing Lyn! Im having a terrible time posting a review on Amazon ! I’ve tried 3 times~ I’ll attempt again tonight. Love you Shining star!

    • Tell me what you are doing and what is happening? It will not let you post if you did not buy the book from them. You can only leave a review where you bought it from. I am not sure if you bought your copy from them or not. God bless you and you are so kind for trying so many times. I’m sorry it’s giving you such heck.

  2. Great way to wake up while drinking my coffee!! Thank you!!! Have a wonderful day in the Lord…k

  3. Beautiful venue and music very peaceful. I’m sure King David would have enjoyed it.

  4. Reblogged this on promisebook.net and commented:

    Beautiful flute & harp

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