Finding Spiritual Renewal In the Light of His Shadow

Have you danced with God today?

by Marybeth Haydon

As I prayed tonight, asking for His help in experiencing His love for people in and through me, as I pulled on that thread I realized that I need a complete spiritual rehabilitation. I so desperately need to reflect my loving God almighty. I have allowed the everyday, the mundane to infiltrate and dampen my joy which in turn dampens and reduces my spiritual life. How could this happened, completed unnoticed by me?

It is easy to fall into tunnel vision. To get so focused on one or two aspects of daily living that slowly but surely, the fullness of life gets crowded to the sidelines. Yes, there is pressure at work to keep performance at top level and it is easy to lose a job, impossible to replace it. There are demands at home that are necessary to rally. Too often it was easier for me to postpone Bible reading or meditation time.

Jesus-Christ-dancingI began to read, skipping through the Word to see where I would dwell for a bit. In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 we are told everything has its time, its proper cycle . In verse 4b “and a time to dance.”, hmmm. I sense He is gently directing me.

2 Samuel 6:13,14 King David finds the proper way to transport the ark, on the shoulders of the priests. The presence of God is borne by people, not things. 14 David rejoices and dances, for a major victory has been won.

Oh Lord, forgive me! I have thanked You for the victories You have accomplished in my life, but I have not danced before You in ages! Even my thankfulness has gone to auto pilot, what horrific shame!

It is in my gratitude that I can become more like Him. In my enthusiastic love for Him, by expressing my love from the deepest regions of my soul and spirit do I find grace to grow in Him. When I am full of His love, the rest of my spiritual man falls into alignment.

As I follow Him, step by step I walk in His shadow. During the trying times, He slows His pace to walk beside me, holding my hand in reassurance. When I encounter the dangerous pitfalls along my walk of life He lifts me to safety, riding high and victorious on His Shoulders, just as the priests safely carried the ark of His presence. As I talk with Him, He welcomes me without reservation, He is never too busy. I have never heard a “Hold on, in a minute, I’m trying to save Steve over here in China.” from my Lord God. I will dance before my Lord, my God because He is honorable, He is King. I will show my pleasure in and for Him as I dance and worship.

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5 replies

  1. this has always been my #1 daydream! can’t you just see us! I’ll play the tambourine and you sing Hosanna ! How about it? 🙂 I’ll be featuring your book on both Loopyloo and Christian Gazette this week ~ could you send me a copy of the cover for my files sis?

    • Oh well you are sweet. All you have to do is click on the pic in my sidebar of the book (right click) and select “Save Image As..” and put it where you will find it. Then you upload it to your site. If you have any problems or questions, please let me know and I’ll help you. I hope you don’t feel obligated to do such a thing.. I love you no matter what you do…and my Loopy Sister! And as far as the tambourine and singing..what about us attending a really spiritual church praise and worship service and we can dance down the aisle (like in a pentecostal church!) with the tambourine and singing… sound good?

      • sounds like a dream ! Some bright and perfect day! Thank you for the instruction on getting your book cover! I believe I can do it. I’ll probably do it next Thursday because I’ve got friends from nyc visiting from Monday thru Wednesday afternoon ~ I’ll try to plug your book several times! Loopyloo has made me the administrator of her blogs since she’s been feeling overwhelmed and needs some time for herself ~ I hope I don’t disappoint her or the readers. I’ll do what you taught me– post whatever the Spirit dictates.
        I love you Lyn! Thank you again for your kindness and friendship.


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