Newest Video Footage of Nibiru System Incoming Startling, Inexplicable: Where is the Mainstream Media Coverage?

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  1. Complimenti di cuore per il Tuo spazio d’Anima ispirato dallo Spirito!
    Che Dio Ti benedica!
    A presto

  2. That is a normal but extremely out of focus object, probably one of our planets or a bright star. It could even be a comet that isn’t displaying a tail because of it’s position relative to us. If the planet Nibiru really existed we would know about it due to it’s gravitational influence of the other planets in the solar system, even the minutest amount of influence would be detected.

    Shirley Anne x

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. That’s what these posts “YOU DECIDE” are for…to get people’s thoughts/opinions..etc. The last YOU DECIDE post was about the Hexagon… it was JUST a YOU DECIDE, meaning, this is controversial..what are your thoughts? And people got all worked up! LOL

      • Well I gave you my thoughts Lyn. Personally I wouldn’t promote such ideas as it only encourages wrong thoughts. Perhaps it is all the work of Satan? But that too is only my own opinion.

        Shirley Anne x

        • It might benefit you to read our ABOUT VOL page. I definitely do not promote Satan…and I don’t appreciate that. I do, however, know about the Illuminati and the Nephilim…and all that Jazz.. and they tie into this sort of thing…which is why I post it. I think people need to be more aware of the Illuniati and Satan’s plans so they can warn other people.

          We post things here to let people know/see what the world is doing, saying…getting into to prove to people how close we are and that we are in the end times. I do not need proof…however, there are many lost souls who do. Again, I highly encourage you to read our about page. I do not agree with Ron Bell..but we post things about him so people will be aware. We post things about abortion..we are against abortion.and so forth.

        • Sorry, I did forget to mention..please notice the category of this post… YOU DECIDE. Meaning, it’s controversial…what are your thoughts?? We have these once in a while.

          • Whoa! I am not suggesting that a sister in Christ is promoting Satan’s work. Perhaps the article should be placed under another heading as at the moment it is under ‘Breaking news’. Is anyone really interested in this sort of information? I suspect only those wishing to promote the idea. It may well be informative but as an outreach tool for the unsaved to make them aware of what is going on in the world I think it is unsuitable. The unsaved do not need clobbering with information they cannot understand, they need milk before they can digest solids. For Christians like myself it does show what Satan is doing in the world, convincing people and misguiding them into believing anything. There is another side to the argument too Lyn, just how many unsaved people are looking at ‘ Christian’ sites in the first place? I’ll wager very few. The best way to reach those who need salvation is to be among them in person but I suspect you already know that. I like your sites but not necessarily all its content some of which I disagree with. I make only occasional comments though I could pass comment on much more. However I don’t wish to be too critical as anything that promotes the faith has got to be a good thing. Please don’t take everything I say personally, allow me to disagree with you if I see things differently. God bless.

            Shirley Anne x

          • Well, for one thing I don’t see anything wrong with the article…and secondly, it is under a special heading… it’s under “YOU DECIDE” There are a lot of things going on spiritually in the heavens, just as the Bible says, that are interesting. We here don’t see anything bad about this article at all. Thanks and God bless.

    • BTW…this is a reblog from the VINE. Here, I do not have the same news headings/categories. You have to go to the actual place it is posted to see what I am talking about. At the vine is posted under YOU DECIDE.

    • Look up. Did you not see this? “A VOL DISCUSSION POST: YOU DECIDE–What Do You Think?”

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