My Mixed Feelings About The Influence of Athletes

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My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife

I was skeptical about writing this piece, but after much introspection and a few days, I felt compelled to proceed. Not long ago, Pro Athletes Outreach tweeted the story Pro Athletes Influence Society More Than Pastors, Say Two-Thirds of Americans. Then a few days later, a fellow blogger posted Most Americans Consider Pro Athletes More Influential than Faith Leaders. Although the findings the study both these stories are referring to are positive, I couldn’t help but have mixed emotions regarding the truth behind it all. Let me explain.

What stood out for me in this story is a fact that we already know to be true, but nonetheless concerns me. Ok, let’s be honest,it is no secret that “celebrities” are influential. What other reason would companies have to endorse actors or athletes and pay them millions of dollars to use their products if this wasn’t the case? This…

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