A Must See Video By Chuck Missler-The Return of the Nephilim

This is a long video, but well worth the watch when you have time.  Chuck goes into great detail in the beginning to give you substantial background, but in the middle, he starts delving into how this all pertains to the Bible, the Days of Noah, and the days we are living in.  He sums it up with a great salvation and preparation message as well. I can’t tell you enough that I learned so many new things tonight as I watched this…things I never had any idea. He even explains why the English language reads left to right and why Arabic and Hebrew reads right to left. Mind blowing!  This video will make you think!  Let me put it to you this way…you’ll NEVER forget it.  

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  1. Why is mainstream media NOT discussing this?? Why is NOBODY discussing this???

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    A very informative video, about 2 hours long, well worth watching.

  3. I have to agree 100%!! This is an awesome video! I have to share it!! Amazing view on all of it! It blew my mind about the Greek god’s also, and how maybe they could be Nephilim.

    • Oh, you’ve really got to go to Gary Stearman’s site. On the very front page,if you scroll down, and they are really, really small, are two videos all about this that are way too interesting! Here is one of the links to one of them http://vimeo.com/30920798 and here is a link to the other.. http://vimeo.com/30566969 They go together..like salt and pepper..can’t have one without the other. And, my mom turned me on to these two books..they are awesome! The Nephilim Agenda and The Nephilim Resurgence by Randy Demain. Both completely biblical and mind-blowing!

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    I wrote about the Nephillim, referred to in Genesis and in Numbers, a few days ago, and then I learned of this video on Lyn Leahz’s blog. It’s remarkable, and whether or not you agree with Chuck Missler’s take on UFOs, you will the video intriguing.

    • I believe that they are demonic entities.

      • Here is the one part that bothers me…why do they need ships at all?

        • You should read the section in my first book called, The Wheel Within the Wheel..and you would understand. Satan has to mimic God’s heavenly vehicle, which you can find in Ezekiel…the wheel within the wheel whose outer edges are like beryl (bright yellow) with frightening looking beings (cherubs) who sit in them. Demonic manifestations manifest themselves in the flesh and blood, thus needing something like that. Would you like me to email you book one..the one I am about to send off for editing so you can better understand?

          • Good point, I know exactly what you are referring to. I had (to be honest) not thought of that! Yes the realm of Satan mirrors the realm of God, in all things the evil one does, the similarities to God can be seen.
            As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.

            This is why it is good to always talk to other Believers because no matter how knowledgeable one is…we are always going to miss something. Context is king in the Bible, and there is so much info outside the Bible that sheds light on what the authors were saying.

            Certainly, I would love to read it! 🙂

          • Yes. You see, I believe that when the believers are all raptured..Satan is going to have to have something awfully good to explain unborn babies, children, and adults disappaearance. Satan is a copycat. He always has counterfeits. God’s heavenly vehicle looks exactly like what we know as UFO’s. I believe the sky will take on the massive impression of an enormous wheel within a wheel, and out of it, millions of ‘chariots of fire’ (every time someone was raptured in the Bible, it was by a chariot of fire)..and in a flash, believers will be taken. So the world may very well see this huge wheel within a wheel open up, then they’ll see people turn into a blaze of fire and disappear (the blaze of fire actually being the chariot of fire that took them in the twinkling of the eye), and they’ll believe we were ALL taken by aliens. Thus as to why for the past 15 years or so there has been a big focus on aliens… and they’ll have proof because they all saw the huge (like something out of Independence Day) wheel within the wheel, with outer edges lit up (like beryl)..and it opened up and instantly, everyone was zapped..there was a poof of fire, like a spark..and they were gone. Then suddenly, the huge wheel within the wheel disappeared. See my point even more clearly now?


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