The Exodus-Do You Have the Blood of the Lamb On Your Door Post?

Lyn Leahz, 2012

wrath_of_godI was reading a post by a fellow blogger, which I’m pasting below here for your viewing.  As I was reading it, something came to me…the Exodus and the ten plagues of Egypt.  Let me explain.

The Pharoah was an evil king, and God’s people were in bondage to him.  He refused to let God’s people go, and as a result, God brought judgment down on Egypt.

So here were the Israelites living in bondage to Egypt as God’s judgment came upon the Egyptians.  However, the tenth plague was the death of the firstborn child of the Egyptians.  God commanded the Israelites put the blood of a lamb on their doorpost so that when the death angel came (Abaddon) he would pass over their house and no person in their home would be harmed.

If they did not have the blood of that lamb on their doorpost, then the fate of the Egyptians would also come upon them.

Friends, we are living in the days spoken of in Revelation.  Our King is holding God’s people in bondage, and God is mad!  We are going to witness some nasty things.  We will not be exempt from all the suffering.  However, I believe God showed us something very important in the Exodus account:  We are His people living in bondage to an evil government…an evil world!  His judgment is beginning to pour out because of the sin of the nations! 

When the judgments of God come, put the blood of the Lamb on your doorpost so that the demons who have been reserved for this time will pass over your home!  Do you understand what I mean? God doesn’t want us to face what the world will face…we have the blood of the Lamb! 

The blood of the lamb is Jesus Christ.  The call to repentance is strong!  If you do not repent, the blood of the Lamb will be overshadowed by the sin and corruption!  But you can’t hide it, you must put it out there for the enemy to see!  Boldly go forth and tell others the truth…boldly go forth and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ…boldly shine as lights in the darkness!  Stop living in sin and return wholly to the Lord today!  Because when God’s judgments come upon this world…and your nation…those demonic spirits will not be permitted to touch you, or your family!

Is that sin you’re living in worthy your family?  Men, you are the spiritual heads of your household.  Get your house in order!  Women, you are the rib…you protect his heart!  Support the ‘spiritual’ head of your household as you exhort and pray for your family.  You are also the mother, if you have children.  Train up your children as together, you and your husband surround them with prayer and Biblical instruction. 

Families….together, you are ALL the Body of Christ!  Wash that wedding gown and get it all sparkling white fast, because the groom is on His way to receive you! 

I can’t tell you enough!  Get the blood of the Lamb on your doorpost ASAP.  Repent of all sin, get anything sinful out of your vessel, out of your physical house, out of your life and be done with it!  I’m telling you, it’s coming sooner than you all think.  It could happen tonight…tomorrow…in a few moments for all we know!  Will your house have the blood of the Lamb on its doorpost, as God has commanded?  Or will you be found among the dead? 

Choose life this day over death, for Christ paid the price so you could have it abundantly!

God’s Warning To His People

Here is the post I promised at the beginning of this article I would paste for you.  See the link above to visit the site where I found it:

I was talking with friends today, we hadn’t seen each other since the presidential election, so that was one of the topics.  They were telling us that they had finally brought the Isaiah 9:10 video (The harbinger) to their church, and they had played it for the congregation.  They said they also showed it to their community and had a large group from surrounding churches.  They had a repentance night as they called it for our nation.  They all came together in prayer, and repentance, so they were naturally shocked and puzzled like the rest of the country when Obama won a second term.  We discussed the usual, that God was still ultimately in control.  And then it hit me.  With everything all at once, I got this loud and clear, a word from God.

Isaiah 26:20  God’s Warning To His People

Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.  21) See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins.  the earth will disclose the blood shed upon her; she will conceal her slain no longer.

This hit me like someone slapped me in the forehead.  I heard this verse loud and clear.  And I’m not that great at memorizing verses from the Bible.  So I know this was from God.  We are going to see things that we never imagined in our wildest dreams.  God’s wrath is just beginning.  The Bible also tells us that as Christians we are not appointed to wrath.  Does this mean we will be raptured secretly to avoid this wrath?  I don’t think so.  This past few months has made it abundantly clear that the world is shifting and changing at an astronomical rate.  The world powers are no longer what they were even 2 years ago.  The United States is no longer the leader in the world scene.  You have only to read the news.  Russia, China and the UN are the leaders now, and they are calling the shots.  They determine  the order of nations now.  They have appointed nasty regimes and countries into the Human Rights council, and most other aspects of the UN.  They recently did an unheard of thing and gave permanent observer status to a Palestinian State.  The reason that this is unheard of is that this Palestinian state has no official state, or territory.

Christians are being persecuted at a rate unheard of since the beginning of christianity.   This past November half of the nation voted in an evil regime.  One that advocates murder by abortion, funding of such murder, gay marriage, and he has signed more executive orders than most other presidents.  He has not told the truth about anything since he took office.  Unemployment is at an all time high.  He is working on taking away our freedom of speech, our 2nd amendment rights, he is promoting Islam.  All this aside, we have turned away from our moral principles and turned away from God period.  Our judgement is just beginning.

So as we all still wonder what are we to do.  How can we accept this, and more importantly what is God going to do.  Well the above gives us our answer.  So we go into our houses for a little while until the wrath passes.  This wrath that will pass will culminate in the appearance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Satan is unleashing his demons this very moment.  His time is short and he know’s it.  How does he know it?  Demons know dispensations of time.

Mathew Chapter 8 The Healing of A Demon-Possessed Man

What has this got to do with demons knowing time?  Everything.  Jesus and the disciples had sailed to the region of  the Gerasenes, which is across from Galilee.  Jesus was met by two  demon possessed men, who had been living in the tombs.  When they saw Jesus, they cried out and fell at his feet, shouting at the top of  their voice, “What do you want with us, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?  Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?  See even the demons know Jesus, and they know that there is an appointed time of wrath, they just don’t know exactly when.  Satan really does know that his time is getting shorter, and that will manifest in chaos upon the earth.  So get ready.  Prepare not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  Ask Jesus to come into your life.  The time for warnings are almost done, now it’s time to prepare.  He’s coming, He’s close, can you feel Him?

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12 replies

  1. Watch your “eye gate”, what you look at and what you see. Watch your “mouth gate” what you say and how you say it. Keep your Word in front of you , run everything through this “filter”. We must remain alert to hear his voice and do his will. He will show us and when we are “covered by the Blood” we are able to do any deed he commands us to do. Peter and John were not in fear to speak out , even after having been told not to and being in prison.
    There are so many hurting people in the World and if we can bring his comfort to some we must do it. He prepares the way and he gives us the Words to say.

  2. Keep reporting for duty, Lyn! Shalom

    • Thank you my dear Jeanne. I love you very very much in Christ Jesus, sister. ♥ God bless you and hope you are having a beautiful, wonderful Christmas with your family as we remember those who are suffering tonight without the presence of their beloved. Let us join in prayer for their peace and the comfort that only the Holy Spirit can bring to their hearts and minds.

  3. Excellent article, and so important at this time.

  4. Lynn, You are an inspiration. May His Blessings be upon you.

  5. Oh Lord! Thank you sister in Christ. This post explains the dream I had last night and the prayer of protection that went out to all from my heart before falling asleep. You are so right, (ad-lib here), people need to get their homes in God’s order.- Shelia

    • Excellent. Yes they do! All of us need to have the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) on our doorpost. As I ponder things, I think all of us need to study and meditate on the entire story of Moses and the Exodus…and apply it to today. God bless you sister, and thank you for stopping by and for commenting. It’s always appreciated!

  6. Yes Lyn, excellent! The blood on the door post, which ofcourse represented the sacrifice of God’s Son on the Cross to come, is still the only way God has prescribed for us to be Saved, Sanctified, and Justified. Yes, judgement is comming, yet I believe there will be one last, great harvest of Souls, before the church is caught away and the Man of Sin is reveled and the Great Tribulation begins. I believe we are in the preperation stage for this great harvest and it’s just now beginning. I’t s late, and I will explain more tomarrow. By the way… I believe you will be used of God in this last Harvest of Souls before the end comes.
    In Him, Greg

    • Thanks for the comment, Greg. That’s excellent..since I was a very little girl, I have cried out, “Lord, I want to be used by you in a mighty way!” with my arms outstretched. The most wonderful thing we can ever do in this life is to be used by God (YHVH) for something. I believe there is a great soul harvest coming as well. The Lord has told me since childhood (as I explained I cried out to Him) that He would use me in a mighty way. I know He is using me now, and in the books He inspired through me…but there is more, and I’m not sure what yet. God bless you!


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