The Armor of God

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  1. HI Lyn! What a nice visual aid to help people understand what it means to wear the Armof of God. The world needs more people to teach about the Armor of God. I wonder if this coin might be in line with and help your cause? there are also a ton of options and inspirations on Good luck to you and God Bless!

  2. Sorry Lyn I didn’t proof my personal info as in e-mail before sending my last. My correct e-mail is

  3. Greetings Lyn, I can’t agree with you more on your revelation that we are Israel. In fact I left the church in the later 1970’s to find out where the United States was mentioned in scripture. Of course I’m getting ahead of myself. I would like to bring to your attention that congress passed a public law (96-1211)that confirms that the United States is in fact the modern Israel and in fact opened that door that no man can shut to allow The Lord Sovereign Immanuel to return to his second half of his term of office here on planet earth. That’s right I said office. 100% political he is on his return. All Kings practice sovereignty and ours is no exception wouldn’t you agree? Oh great story on China calling for reduction of hand guns here in the USA! China practically own us using our debt instruments- T-bonds. Interesting that they would be calling for such action?


  1. The Armor of God | Shield of God.

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